GDoN? “Sun-drenched sitting area” edition

Exterior (Front) -

This house is located at 811 Madison Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Recently updated 4 BR, 4 bath rowhouse in Petworth. Hardwood floors & crown molding throughout the open floor plan. Sun-drenched sitting area off dining rm. Upgraded kitchen w/ granite counters & dark wood cabinets. UL w/ master suite w/ upgrade bath & walk-in closet, 2 additional bedrooms & 2 baths. LL kitchenette & large carpeted bedroom w/ bath & storage/laundry rm. Back patio w/ parking.”

Dining Room -

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/4 bath is going for $534,900.

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  • I wouldn’t call that an “open floor plan”. I call such things the bowling alley’s that are created when a flipper start’s removing all of the walls. Perhaps because of that, I really like this listing. It feels to me exactly what that house should feel like. The location is.. okay.

  • emvee

    I want to like it, I really really do, but where on earth is the kitchen? And why does it look like there’s a random sink in a bedroom?

  • Looks nice overall, although without staging or a floor plan I’m not always quite sure what I’m looking at.
    I have to say I’m not a fan of the kitchen.
    Like Emvee, I’m wondering why there appears to be a random sink (paging IDGI — it’s a vessel sink!) in a bedroom. I’m also wondering why they didn’t buy and install a couple of toilet seats before taking photos.

    • emvee

      Did I completely miss the kitchen? Is it the room I thought was a closet?

      • Oops — upon looking again, I see that it IS a closet, not a kitchen. I didn’t look closely enough and mistook the cabinet in the center of the photo for one of those custom fridges where the doors match the cabinetry.

        • I did the same thing. I actually like this house, but am suspicious about the lack of kitchen photos. Good deal, I think.

  • Madison Street is to Petworth as White Flint Mall is to North Bethesda.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Haven’t been to White Flint Mall, and thus don’t follow. I think location is technically Brightwood, but honestly don’t much care one way or the other. I do wish there were fewer shootings in the general vicinity, though. I like this house quite a bit, and other than that weird sink in whatever room that is, this looks slightly deal-ish.

    • Unfortunately, a lot of DC real estate agents have been incorrectly labeling any area between Park View and Takoma as “Petworth.” If the house was really in Petworth, the lsited would have easily been north of $600K.

      • Accountering

        Agree with this. If it was a mile further south in Petworth, it is an extra $100,000, and if it is close to metro it is probably closer to $200,000 more. This is a long ways from Petworth.

  • Although these are bad pictures, I can’t tell what’s what, what’s the deal with the kitchen, what’s the deal with the random sink, where’s the basement? It seems like a REALLY good deal for a side row house thats flipped, and 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. I would not be surprised if this went for over asking.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Not flipped. Seller is owner, bought in 2003.

      • The more I read about flippers, the more I think houses that were renovated by owner-occupants are a better bet. (With some exceptions, like that “million-dollar palace” in Brookland.)

        • I agree. Knowing you’re going to be living in a house motivates you to do your research and stay on top of contractors. I’ll also get to see what’s inside the walls and make sure they’re not covering anything up. Of course things can go wrong, but I actually enjoy the renovating process even though it can be messy and stressful.

        • Accountering

          I agree – I have renovated two homes, and it is important to be able to look your contractor in the eye, and tell him to fix something that is off, as opposed to just letting them stick to the schedule and cover it with drywall.

  • Who stole all the toilet seats?

  • Gorgeous renovation. I could overlook the weird bedroom sink but:
    – very clearly Brightwood, not Petworth
    – kitchen mystery
    – no central air

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