GDoN? “Sensational” edition

5025 Linnean Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 5025 Linnean Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Sensational 7 bdrm 6.5 ba stone & cedar home- a spectacular residence in lovely Forest Hills! Situated on large corner lot, minutes to local schools, shopping, restaurants, & Rock Creek Park. Built in 2008 by acclaimed McCullough Residential Builders, this 8,895 sq. ft. home has 4 finished levels, private patio, beautifully landscaped back yard, attached 2 car garage, & more!”


You can see more photos here.

This 7 bed/6.5 bath is going for $3,350,000.

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  • One of those pictures is making me awfully thirsty…

  • justinbc

    I love the exterior. And that’s probably the nicest wine cellar I’ve seen featured on this site.

  • I don’t know why you’d need 7 bedrooms, unless you always have guests or have a big family, but DAMN, THAT WINE CELLAR!!

  • It’s a very nice place. As a person who grew up pretty lower middle class, I still don’t understand how people actually live in a place like this. Unless you are the Duggers or a communal cult who needs so much dining room seating? The patio is amazing but I’d constantly be wondering when the rest of the bed and breakfast guests were going to show up. For the price I’d want land and animals. That’s just me.

  • Cellar looks staged. Some cheap trash on that near shelf.

    • could be received as a gift, ready to regift. My dad collects wine so people always bring wine to our house. He keeps it and regifts it, cooks with it, or sends it home with my sister or me.

  • How much for just the wine cellar? Or just the wine from the cellar?

  • accendo

    White and beige for days . . .ugh. That wine cellar though . . . yes, please!

  • Does it come with all the wine??? Holy crap…any guesses as to how many bottles are in there?

  • Blithe

    OMG!!!!! I’m drooling — and I don’t even drink!

  • I’m really confused by the kitchen layout. Is the sink off in a corner all on its own? I’d love to go have a glass of wine on that back patio. So pretty!

    • justinbc

      I have to assume that the kitchen sink isn’t pictured. The one you can see looks more like a wetbar, there’s no way it’s big enough to wash pots and pans in.

    • That was my question, as that sink is obviously in the bar. I’m not sure where the kitchen sink would be though, since between the two pictures of the kitchen, I don’t see where any missing area would be.

    • There’s a floor plan people! The sink pictured is in the butler’s pantry (because there is no window above it, as in the floor plan.) A presumably larger sink is on the wall not pictured, under a window – it is clearly marked in the floor plan!

      • Can’t speak for others, but on my monitor the image with the floor plan was far too small to be useful.

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