GDoN? “owner tastefully renovated entire home” edition

402 Rittenhouse Street Northwest

This house is located at 402 Rittenhouse Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Situated on 9,163 sq ft corner lot, owner tastefully renovated entire home to include gourmet kitchen, master suite w/ full bath & expansive basement. It’s south-facing, rear garden offers privacy for large scale entertaining. This lovely home is perfectly located minutes from Takoma Metro, Downtown Silver Spring and Downtown Washington. SOLD AS-IS.”


You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/4 bath is going for $799,000.

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  • The small table and chairs next to the toilet….? Also, the wall doesn’t appear to go up to the ceiling in that bathroom. I think I’d prefer a litttttle bit more privacy. Cool angles in that bedroom though!

    • perfect for that all-night poker game….

      • Seriously! Who needs that many bar height surfaces and chairs in their house? I guess you never know when a crazy game of poker may break out.

  • I think this house would have profited from staging with less distracting furniture/decor. Oh, and making all of the beds so none of them looked rumpled or like they were missing bedclothes.

    • justinbc

      My guess is that the people still live there and this is a “cleaned up” version of the house.

      • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too… but it would’ve profited from some additional “cleaning up.” And substituting a dining table for the pool table.

  • I think the master suite/bathroom could have been executed better. The toilet looks like it’s in the middle of the room and that little corner shower seems odd in such a big room. Clearly it was once an attic that was turned into a bathroom so I’m sure there were plumbing constraints but I don’t really understand the design choices for that bathroom.

    • yeah, totally weird. You could do something really cool with a huge bathroom – this isn’t it.

    • I can’t tell for sure, but I get the impression that the toilet is NOT actually in an enclosed bathroom, but out in the open.

  • Please sell for this much. Please sell for this much. Please sell for this much. (might be looking to sell our home later this summer and that comp would be ah-maze-ing.)

  • I used to walk past this house daily and drool. So glad I get to see the inside. I LOVE this house!!

  • I’m always a little wary when there’s a big old “AS-IS” slapped on a listing. Like, I can see not being willing to make major cosmetic changes, but what are you hiding? Did you spend all your money on that pool table and let the roof go to pot?

  • “Sold As-Is” should be a red flag. The market is not that hot to justify this, esp. in Takoma DC. It’s particularly odd when paired with “tastefully renovated”, although the pool table also seems like a non sequitor with “tasteful”. Actually, the house is filled oddities–the tile countertops? very 1950s southern California and notorious for holding bacteria, etc. in the mortar; exposed brick (very 1980s); and those columns (very 1990s flip job). And turning the attic into an awkward living space–I’m sure it’s really comfortable in summer and cheap to cool. Strange that we don’t get to see the other bathrooms and only 2 of the bedrooms.

  • HaileUnlikely

    DC’s online permit verification system shows only a supplemental gas & electric permit dated sometime in 2004. I wonder what the totality of the renovations has been (i.e., I have absolutely no idea how this house was originally laid out). I would want to know more about the work done before declaring this a good deal or not.

  • Is that flagstone or formstone on the front?

  • That is formstone, or its equivalent.
    I would argue that the colonnade in the entrance hall is original, but would need to see it in person to confirm.
    The front door is not the nicest replacement, but sometimes the old doors just wear out.

  • This is a beautiful home, but the AS-IS leaves big questions especially for the price they are asking in Takoma. While there is a house selling for close a million not to far away, it’s not an as-is deal. Staging could have been better though.
    I guess it would be a good deal if not for the as-is stipulation, which in this day and age raises all sorts of red flags after the washington post report. Always allow for the home inspection.

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