GDoN? “Home truly is epitome of luxury living” edition

3666 Park Place Northwest

This house is located at 3666 Park Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“Life would be perfect in this amazing home situated in Columbia Heights min from it all.Total complete renovation w/ evythng you imagine.Home truly is epitome of luxury living.Features 4spacious bdrms,very generous closet space,tons of natural sunlight,stackable on upper lvl.Main lvl consist of open concept w/ gourmet kit HUGE island.Deck w/ off st pk.In-law suite in basement exposed brick,HW fls!”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $879,995.

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  • Those ceilings are oppressively low. Also who does exposed brick in the stairwell anymore? But probably not a ridiculous price given the location and possibility of renting the basement.

    • “Also who does exposed brick in the stairwell anymore?”
      At least from what I see on PoPville, LOTS of flippers. (Alas.)

  • HaileUnlikely

    Good deal for the flipper, who bought this a year ago for $365K. Not such a great deal for the buyer, though. Note that 3644 Park Place (on the same block) is presently listed for more than $200K less than this, and honestly, I think I like 3644 better (not a strong preference, but I certainly do not like this one $200K better.)

    • Not an exact comparison (3644 only has 2 bathrooms which is really odd for a flip). That being said, 3644 looks MUCH nicer from the pictures (the value of using a real photographer?). The adjacent house, 3642, went for $800k a year ago (but it had 3.5 baths).

      I’m pretty sure flipped row homes in that pretty little corner of Park Place and Rock Creek Church have been selling for more than $800k. Hard to know how it will show based on those pictures, though).

      I expect the truth will be somewhere between $700k – $800k for both houses. That close to a metro stop and you pay a premium!

      • HaileUnlikely

        I agree with your last statement regarding final price. I think 2 bathrooms is sufficient in general, though I do wish that 3644 had one of them on the first floor rather than just one in the basement and the other upstairs. That isn’t worth $200K to me, though!

    • list price isn’t the same as sale price. renovated houses are often listed really high at first to see if someone bites, then start dropping. also, you didn’t consider that it could be a good deal for both. not everyone is obsessed with appreciation, some people just want a chance to build equity. the buyers get a house to build equity without spending the time and money renovating it themselves, and the developer gets a financial reward for his risk taking and his work. win-win.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Actually, I did consider that it could be a good deal for both, but rejected that notion pretty quickly. I’ll grant that it’s a nice f*cking house and that #3644 will probably go for more than it’s list price, but in no universe is this a good deal.

      • not a win-win at $879k. could definitely be a win-win at the likely sale price.

  • justinbc

    Sorry, can’t be the epitome of luxury living without a pool of gold coins to dive into.

  • There’s a lot to like– the coffered ceiling, the upstairs laundry, the stairwell skylight (I dream of a stairwell skylight). But that wide open first floor with no division at all between the front door and the living space = ugh. Do they think that the buyer is going to live there in solitary splendor?? And please, folks, wall off your front door! No one likes a gust of icy air down the back of their neck when they’re sitting in the living room. And what’s with those weird stand-alone closets?
    Also, if the real estate agent doesn’t know that this is really far from being “situated in Columbia Heights”, what else is she clueless about?

    • The kitchen is pretty sweet too.

      • I think the random coffered ceiling in the middle of an open floor plan looks ridiculous. I’m sure it previously had nice elegant rooms with lovely wood trim that could be closed off (so you don’t get the cold blast down your neck in the living room).

        • +1. Give me higher ceilings over coffered ones any day.

          • +10 really dumb looking

          • I like it because if you’re going to knock out all the walls, it’s nice to have some kind of visual distinction between spaces. But ideally, they would have some interior walls instead.
            Aren’t some of the interior walls in rowhouses usually load bearing? Seems like a terrible idea to remove them all…

    • As far as the “legal subdivision” is concerned, it _is_ actually in Columbia Heights (at the very northeastern edge). But it seems like a knowledgeable real estate agent would say “this amazing home situated two blocks from the GA-Ave.-Petworth Metro.”

      • How does one find a map of the legal subdivisions? All the maps I see of the DC neighborhoods show this spot as Park View.

        • Not sure if there’s a map on the Office of Tax and Revenue’s website, but if you look up addresses via the Real Property Tax section, I think it lists the “legal subdivision” for the address.
          But yeah, this is Park View. (I think there are a lot fewer “legal subdivisions” than there are commonly accepted neighborhood names.)

  • This house is not in Columbia Heights. It’s in Park View, very near its border with Petworth.

  • 1- 3666 and 3644 are not on the same block, but 2 blocks away
    2- 3666’s basement has a separate front entrance and a full window in the bedroom
    3- 3666 has 3 1/2 brand new baths (versus 3644’s 2 clean but not updated ones),
    4- 3666 kitchen is nearly double the other’s size (just count the base and wall cabinets from the photos).
    5- 3658, on the block right between theirs, pre-sold for $920k a year ago, by the same company who developed 3642 ($800k last year).
    6- Park Lincoln’s condos, 2 blocks further South, which Popville commenters were so enthusiastic about, ( had their 2bd 2ba 1000sqft one-level condo under contract within days for just under $600k.

    I’m thinking there could be a bidding war on 3644 which is priced lower than most recent renovated rowhome sales in Park View, but I absolutely see reason for a $150k difference between the two homes.

    I think it’s pretty funny that 3644 did a better job picking staging and photography than 3666 and that It’s impacting the comparisons online.

  • Don’t know if luxury is the right word though the price seem ok. I do wonder, since when does luxurious living equal people standing at the front doing seeing what is in the kitchen sink? While I like many of the finishes but the overly open space plan is a bit lazy. Also, they really should have taken the entry closet all the way up to the ceiling.

  • Tiny modern couch and three-chair table staging make the LR space look larger than it really is. Ikea kitchen? Otherwise hey, it’s nicer than our fixer upper. Also they do not show the awesome view from the front porch across to the Old Soldier’s Home. Walking/crawling distance to Petworth Metro, Looking Glass, Petworth Citizen, farmer’s market, spray park etc.

  • That red knife-holder says a lot about flipping.

  • Is this a *lifestyle* flip? Because I am really inspired by the person who must be doing a downward dog while reading the yoga mag in the basement while finishing up (another) full gut job.

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