GDoN? “glass enclosed bathroom” edition (reader request)

711 S Street Northwest

This unit is located at 711 S Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Stunning new construction located in the heart of DC-half block from Shaw Metro. Rare 3 level condo with open 1st floor which includes gourmet kitchen with Silestone counters & stainless steel appliances. Each 2nd floor bedrm has its own bath & walk-in closet. 3rd fl master bedrm has walkout balcony & glass enclosed bathroom.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $950,000 ($373 monthly fee.)

Ed. Note: Before construction this location was previously home to that awesome Marvin Gaye mural.

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  • No, not a good deal and that’s the reason it has been on the market for 45 days. It’s big (1700 sq feet), but my god, a million dollars for a condo and then $373 condo fee!?!? They overdid it with the gray too…paint can obviously be changed fairly easily, but gray backsplash, gray on the side of the island, gray cabinets, ahhhh!

  • I Dont Get It

    That kitchen backsplash makes my eyes bleed and did I spot three vessel sinks?

  • JUUUUST curious as to what that condo fee gets you…

  • This house reminds me of a 2015 remake of the Patrick Bateman’s apartment in American Psycho. It’s just a little to trendy.

  • That’s two place settings on that counter and just one sink::lol:: That’s a gorgeous house passed by it many times and wondered how it was done on the inside. And that exterior brick really, really the icing on the cake. If only I could buy this one, if only…
    Wondering if they included a rooftop deck not that it needed it. Love those grey interior walls too.

  • This is brand new so they must be building a reserve fund for future brick and roof repair.

  • I’m actually glad to see the fee set to something plausible. I bought a newly-renovated condo with an absurdly low condo fee, and sure enough, not two years later, we had to drastically raise the monthly rates for everyone because of the need for major capitol improvements. $373 a month might still be low but at least it’s realistic.

  • Just out of curiosity, is this considered a modified Pop-up and what, if so ever, drama/hoops did the builder have to go through to get that particular design through given what next door looks like..

    • Not a pop-up — this was previously a vacant lot. (See the links to the Marvin Gaye mural.)

    • Trying to bite my tongue and not sounds indignant when I point out to you and the commenter above the prominent “YEAR BUILT: 2015” in the listing. This is new construction.

      • That means that the OP would have needed to click on the listing, though — it’s not on this actual thread.

  • A 3 level condo is “rare” because they are usually called houses without condo fees.

  • I like it a lot, but I don’t think it’s a great deal. If it included the basement it’d be an excellent deal, but I think living in a two unit condo can be really challenging. I wouldn’t want to spend my (hypothetical) million dollars on one.

  • This appears to be a 2 unit condo I’m curious, the 3 level unit and the basement unit. I’m curous why they went this direction and not selling it as a house with a rental unit? Is it that much more money to sell it as 2 condos? Or is their some other reason that I am not thinking of?

    • Usually I’d say they’d make more separate, but I’m not so sure. It’s sat for long enough that it might end up being the same if they had left it a house vs 2 condos. Maybe accountering can weigh in.

    • I live in the neighborhood and have heard that the property owner (i.e., when it was essentially a rubble-filled basement with weeds and a mural) wanted to be able to stay at that address on occasion (e.g., church days) so the 1 basement unit + 1 3 story unit format was part of the deal allowing development.

      And by the way, I went to an open house and it seemed like they did a pretty good job quality-wise. The master suite with the glass bathroom is f’ing awesome (and the toilet is hidden by a separate door).

  • to me, the “glass enclosed bathroom” is a turn-off. I really don’t want to be able to see into the bathroom from the bedroom.

    • +1. Seems like it’d also probably be noisier than if there were a regular wall and a door. If so, not so great for a couple where one person gets up and showers, etc. significantly earlier than the other.

  • Love all those vessel sinks and hollow particle board doors!

  • If I wanted 3 levels, i’d buy a house. The fee is low by some standards and yes they should be building reserves, plus if this is like a lot of flip jobs or new construction they’ll be suing the builder for screw-ups.

    The place is filled with flipper cliches that instantly date the place (like those awful backsplashes), and the glass bath seems like something that’s intriguing in a movie set or a magazine spread on quirky decorating, but not in real life.

    I think we’re overdue for a property market crash if only to to discourage drek like this.

  • Unfortunately, this one is not attractive. Even once the furniture that makes it look more like a hotel is gone, you’re left with those backsplashes, that glass bathroom, the cabinets, the white kitchen peninsula, etc. I don’t mind modern but to my eye, this isn’t done well at all and so I am sure that is coloring my assessment. Trying to set aside the design, though, I really don’t think $1m for a condo in a two-unit building is a good deal here. I realize it’s close to Metro and nightlife, is roomy, and an end unit with lots of windows but the price tag still feels too high for this market. If you’re going to try and position this as a luxury unit, at least spring for better quality doors and something nicer than white plastic switch plates!

  • Plus it looks like they took out fireplaces to which I say boo as mine brings me great joy in the cold months.

    • Sorry, boo that they didn’t include fireplaces since this is brand new (was thrown off by chimneys on the older neighboring homes).

  • Overpriced for a condo in Shaw. There are several rowhouses on the market in that neighborhood on the market for $750,000 which include a basement, backyard, and no condo fees. Plus, while the master bath is really funky, it may be too funky for most DC buyers. My prediction is it stays on the market for a couple of months and sells for 850-900k.

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