GDoN? “Classy two level Condo” edition

Exterior (Front) -

This unit is located at 801 9th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Newly Renovated & Classy two level Condo located in the exciting H St Corridor close to shops, restaurants, Metro and much more. 10 foot ceilings, lots of windows and sun-filled spaces. Hardwood floors – Cooks kitchen with top quality cabinets and appliances – outside balcony – washer/dryer – Includes one parking space with overhead door. Unit square footage is approximate.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $549,900 ($245 monthly fee.)

Ed. Note: Unit 2 is going for $649,900.

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  • Every time I see one of these flipped properties for sale now, I think about the horror stories PoP posted a couple weeks ago involving unscrupulous contractors and real estate shell companies. Caveat emptor, for real.

  • “Classy two level Condo…,” …complete with 3-level graffiti wall just waiting for the attentions of local “artists”.

    When I got my place in Petworth, my realtor wondered why I passed on a rowhouse that bordered an unlit section of alleyway, and I told him it was the two stories of unbroken brick that I didn’t want to have to clean. He thought I was crazy, but I still have a hard time looking at all that unblemished wall without thinking, “How many times per year will I have to scrub graffiti of of this?”

    [sigh] West Coast experiences showing…

    • I’ve lived in an end unit rowhouse with direct access to the side wall from the street and have had it tagged once in 12 years.

      • And DC removes graffiti as a service to residents (and do a very good job).

        • “And DC removes graffiti as a service to residents (and do a very good job).”

          Now that’s the kicker, isn’t it? In San Fran not only was the onus on property owners to remove graffiti, but if you didn’t do it in a timely fashion the city would fine you and then remove it at your expense. Guess my agent wasn’t as knowledgeable as he should have been.

        • Ally

          Do you know details on how that process works? We have a semi-detached row house with exposed brick facing onto an alley, so it’s only a matter of time. Glad the city’s able to help, though!

        • I think D.C. removes graffiti for you only if it’s gang/crew-related graffiti. Otherwise, you’re stuck removing it yourself (although I think you can get them to provide you with vouchers for paint — I don’t remember the details).

    • The only saving grace is you can file a request with the city to remove graffiti. We’ve had to do this with my building a few times (we border an alley as well). It usually takes them a week or so to take care of it.

  • I would have titled this the “Please buy it from me before DCRA makes me tear it down” edition.

    • DCRA tear something down? That’s hilarious. There’s a huge eyesore on Morton Street NW and it is ILLEGAL, has been slapped with fines and stop work orders, but it is still there years later. Vacant, unfinished, illegal.

      • ParkViewRes — At a community meeting I went to the other week, the (new) interim director of DCRA said that she’s had unpermitted construction torn down. It sounds like she’s willing to be tougher (or less lenient, at any rate) on developers than past DCRA directors have been.
        I wonder if she might be willing to order the Morton eyesore razed?

        • Ugh, she should! It’s so terrible looking and I often wonder if they ever do finish it/bring it up to code, who will want to live there? And it will still be illegal!

  • justinbc

    The first rule of being classy is that you don’t go around telling everyone how classy you are.

  • It’s okay. Finishes look decent, good square footage, back porch looks cool. The main room is small leaving very little space for a dining room. And the ground level bedroom in the back is less than ideal. The upstairs people will basically be parking in your living room.
    My main concern here though is location. You are RIGHT by a lot of the H st bars. There is going to be a ton of noise in this place, especially since it’s at ground level.

    • you’re actually not right next to many H st bars. I live right next door to this “classy” new building and the noise level is negligible from chupacabra — the only bar nearby. now the streetcar testing is another story, but the block is pretty residential overall.

      I walked through both places on Sunday during the open house and after living through the extremely noisy construction (and the builders stealing water from us!) I wanted to REALLY hate this place, but was surprised by the finishes and the way they did the layout for each. living space is small, but bedrooms are pretty big in both units and the top unit has a HUGE rooftop deck.

      I still think it’s ugly as hell on the outside (and I don’t even hate pop ups but this is just UGLY) but I’m sure they’ll find buyers from both units quickly.

  • Oy. This is exactly the type of terrible flip the city does not need any more of.

  • I would be really concerned about being that close to H street with so many huge ground floor windows and a spiral stair that goes directly to a rooftop deck (and presumably right into the other condo).
    Also the listings says each unit comes with 1 parking spot but I’m not sure two side by side cars could fit in that yard and of course you don’t want to buy a condo and then have your parking spot be blocked in by your neighbor all the time.
    Lastly those “cook’s kitchens” seem pretty small with not too much counter space.

  • Hideous pop-up. Not classy.

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