Garden Haul Entry No. 3 – Capitol Hill


“Been getting sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, sun gold tomatoes and arugula for a few weeks now! Heirloom tomatoes, eggplants, jalapeños, and sweet peppers on the way!”

Ed. Note: When your gardens start to get full of tomatoes, cucumbers, whatever you’re growing – send an email to [email protected] with Garden Haul in the title and please include the neighborhood where you grew it.

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  • Does anyone have any resource recommendations for a first-time gardener? I have been dabbling very lightly but would like to plant more, in particular veggies like in this photo! Trouble is, I don’t have much outdoor space to work with so I primarily plant in pots. I was weighing the benefits of a community garden though…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      We have many accomplished gardeners on PoPville – you should ask your specific questions in this morning’s rant/revel!

    • I highly recommend getting earth boxes (can order on Amazon) – they make gardening for veggies (and probably fruits but we’ve never tried) MUCH easier – we have huuuuge tomato plants, grew lettuce/beets/kale/chard and have peppers too. They’re great and don’t take up much room. They also have an online forum for tips and tricks.

  • DPR offers lots of free urban gardening classes. I’ve found them to be really helpful.
    And if you have an interest, I highly recommend getting a plot in a community garden. Container gardening is fun, but it can be tricky. I find it’s much easier to grow highly productive plants in the ground.

  • Wow now I want to do sugar snap peas next year, too!!

  • Thanks for the tips! I’ll also ask in a rant/revel when I’m back in DC.

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