From the Forum – Anybody else have a complaint about Revolt Cleaners (Soapy Joe’s?)

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Anybody else have a complaint about Revolt Cleaners (Soapy Joe’s?)

“My building recently began using Revolt Cleaners (formerly Soapy Joe’s 3106 Georgia Ave. NW) for residents’ dry cleaning. We had used them a couple of times in the last year and never had an issue. However, the last job they did was billed to us twice – once at the time of service, and then again a couple of weeks later. We called them, and they promised that they’d refund the charges.

Here’s the fun part: instead of issuing our bank card a refund, they charged us a third time! Same dollar amount as the previous two transactions! Fast forward through a week of phone calls in which the woman on the phone insists she can’t “fix it from my end,” but she’ll “leave a note” for god knows who and it “will get fixed tomorrow” — just curious if anybody else has had similar issues when dealing with this company?

Building management is aware of our issue with them and has also been attempting to reach out to Revolt.”

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  • I didn’t know they had changed names. They are definitely getting weird. Have been going there for several years, and suddenly they have ended Sat service. I mean, WTF? That’s like the one day that I and many others have time to do business with them! Then to make it worse, I went in there yesterday morning to see about getting pants altered. Their response: yes, but you have to have everything marked and pinned yourself. They then send your items out. Needless to say, they’re losing my business…

    • Have you decided which one you are switching to?

      • I know this is not helpful for those of you way up north farther, but if anyone works near Foggy Bottom, I’ve used Esteem Cleaners several times without a problem and the prices aren’t totally unreasonable.

      • I think I will just go back to using Bergman’s. They have no minimum amount of items and free pickup and delivery. I used them years ago, suddenly just remembered them. They were perfect!

  • Yes – my old building used them and I had a very similar experience. It was years ago, so I don’t remember the details, but I want to say it was something along those same lines. I just wrote them off and swore I wouldn’t use them again. As convenient as it was to have them deliver to the building, I decided it was not worth it.

  • I had issues with them when they were Soapy Joe’s. I had dropped off a pair of pants with my building concierge that just needed the hem sewn back in. Never got the pants back. Was still charged $20 or whatever. I called a billion times to tell them I still hadn’t received the pants, and they just kept telling me they would have their driver check other buildings (as they told me nonchalantly that sometimes single items end up in random buildings). After several months of that and then trying to just get a refund, I just gave up. They may be convenient, as all I had to do was drop a bag with my front desk, but not trustworthy.

  • has been great for us. We’ve only really used them for dry cleaning but they also do bulk laundry. They also pickup within 1/2 hour to 1 hour if you don’t have it scheduled in advance. They can return clothes in about 24 hours as well. If you want 25$ off you can use our coupon code: stevehigginsoxyjy

    • msmaryedith

      I had a bad experience with Washio–they lost my dress! We had sent though stuff out that I was kind-of surprised even to remember that I had it in the bag, and they don’t give you a receipt for what they take from you. It took a couple of calls and a couple of days, but they eventually found it, and then issued a credit for the hassle. But then it took several phone calls to get them to apply the credit the next time we ordered. And their prices were pretty high, so I eventually wrote them off.

  • accendo

    I think my building still uses them, though I haven’t tried them since they changed names. Online reviews have gone down the toilet over the last few months though.

    I finally needed cleaning again last week and tried Washio. They’re online/app experience is way better, pricing is comparable, and my first experience was great.

  • I live two blocks away from Soapy Joe’s and tried them out when I first moved to my place two years ago. I usually only get shirts dry cleaned. The only time I went to Soapy Joe’s the shirts came back miserably wrinkled. I saw all the shirts coming out of a crowded van that morning and decided to go elsewhere. I then tried Kenyon Cleaners on 14th at Irving. They too can’t seem to return a shirt without a collar that looks like a lasagna noodle. I then tried Q and Q Cleaners on Park Road at 14th. They were even worse than Kenyon with giving me back shirts so wrinkled I had to iron them all. I mean the whole lazy point of having your shirts dry cleaned is so you don’t have to iron.

    I now go to Tower Cleaners on O Street at 7th. It is totally out of the way, but they do a great job. I never knew it would be so tough to find a place to properly dry clean a shirt.

  • Always dispute the charges when something like this happens. Your CC will give you the money back immediately, and if a merchant is bad enough it can threaten their ability to take cards.

  • My building just STOPPED using them because of residents’ complaints.

  • So there is some confusion here. I live directly across from soapy joes and have gotten my drycleaning done there for a while, and have been mostly satisfied albeit with a couple occasional disappointments. But as far as I know they are still called soapy joes. The sign on the building still says soapy joes as do their receipts and the t-shirts the two Jamaican owners wear. If you are getting something from revolt cleaners then maybe there is some confusion on you apartments end…

  • I had a similar problem a few months ago when I was incorrectly charged a large amount. I was first told I would get a check in the mail, which never arrived, then I was told I would have the amount charged back to my credit card, which it wasn’t, and third time’s the charm they sent a check to me in the mail. I’d recommend reviewing credit cards statements very closely to catch errors such as this.

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