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Street Sweeping/Towing

“After parking and forgetting about my car over the weekend, I went looking for it on Tuesday morning to find it had been towed for being in the Monday street-sweeping lane. My fault for sure, but there’s both a $45 ticket for being in the lane and a separate $100 ticket issued half an hour later. Is this legit? It seems like the $100 ticket (which has no information in the ‘violation’ and ‘comments’ section. The pink tow slip that accompanied it is completely blank as well.) should trump the $45 one?

Also while the signs do mention that the lane is a tow-away zone, it seemed worth including that the DPW site only mentions the possibility of a $45 ticket.

Thanks for your help! At this point I’ve paid so much in parking tickets I may as well have just bought a parking spot at my building…”

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  • Isn’t there a $100 ticket any time you get towed? And that’s on top of the ticket for whatever violation.

  • The $45 ticket is for violating the no-parking during street cleaning. The $100 is the fee charged for the so-called “courtesy tow” of moving your car out of the lane so they can sweep it (in some parts of the city, for some reason, they don’t tow you if you’re in the lane but only leave the $45 ticket; not sure why).

  • It is a $45 violation for not moving your vehicle on street cleaning day. If you happen to also be on a street with rush hour travel lanes, that is a separate $100 violation. I got both of those recently, along with a tow. I was towed across the street. If this is the case for you, please see the bright side that you were not towed to an impound lot.

    • Regarding the bright side that you were not towed to an impound lot — exactly! otherwise you’d be paying a lot more than $100.

      • Seriously. I’ve been towed to the freakin’ lot in Blue Plains. It is a really hassle to get the via Metro and bus…and the $$$ was absurd.

        Such a racket.

  • What do you do with your car when you go away during street-sweeping season? My husband and I will be away for two weeks and have two cars, so both airport parking and tickets on our street would really add up. I think an inexpensive garage might be the best bet, but am not sure where to find one or if there are other ways to handle this. We’re new to the area, so don’t have local friends/neighbors we’d feel comfortable leaving keys with yet. Thanks!

    • There are some (though not many) streets that don’t have street cleaning. You might want to drive around looking carefully for the signs to see if there are any no-cleaning streets in your area.

    • There are areas of the city that have less restrictive parking. Check out far NE like around Fort Totten. I imagine you could leave your car for 2 weeks on any of those neighborhood streets and it would be fine. My neighborhood doesn’t have zoned parking or street sweeping as far as I know.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Find a street nearby with no street cleaning (they exist) and then you don’t really need to worry about it unless there are emergency no parking signs posted while you are gone. I think 17th between R and S is an example of a block with no street cleaning. I don’t know if there are any blocks like that up in Petworth. Otherwise, it is prob best to use long term airport parking as that is usually reasonable.

    • There are many lots in the NoMa area that have parking for about $7-9 a day. In my experience, the owners are friendly and would be more than willing to work with you. Specifically, I would suggest the lot on L street between North Capitol and First. The owner of that lot leaves in open on weekends for anyone to park there for free.

  • +1 to ParkViewRes, asg, and anon 2:25.
    I agree with the OP that the DPW website ought to mention the possibility of being towed as well as the possibility of being ticketed… but given that the OP acknowledges that the actual signs say that it’s a tow-away zone, he/she doesn’t really have any ground to stand on.

  • I agree that these fines are hard to swallow, but as someone who has received this exact combination of tickets, I fully support such ticketing. If they aren’t vigilant about ticketing and towing cars for street sweeping or other violations, no one will ever obey the rules. It’s the price you pay for living in a densely populated, urban area.

  • What’s the purpose of this post? You parked your car illegally and the city head to tow it. Why should the city not be able recoup the amount it cost to two your car? Your neighbors want clean streets, just move the car like you should. This is a ridiculous thing to complain about, just pay the ticket.

    • I think sometimes the Prince likes to throw his readership a bone by posting something where we can all agree that the OP was in the wrong. 😉

  • because of confusing and lack of signage, the 2900 block of Ontario Road has not been swept in a very long time.

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