Free Paella Tastings (for the first 200 people) Wednesday at Taberna Del Alabardero


From a press release:

“On Wednesday, July 1, DC’s truly authentic Spanish restaurant, Taberna Del Alabardero, will kick off a month long celebration of Paella. To kick off the celebration, Taberna’s executive chef Javier Romero, will show his mastery and technique to cook the Paella on the outdoors patio area and give free tastings to the first 200 people who join the celebration.

Paella, a traditional mainstay of Spanish culture, is one of the most popular dishes on the restaurant’s menu, and a favorite of DC food critics and foodies alike. The free tastings start at 5:00 pm until the last morsel of Paella is finished.

Throughout the summer, Taberna’s menu offerings include new approaches and techniques to classic tapas and recipes that are fresh, organic and vegetarian. New creations that are incorporated into menus seasonally showcase the range of authentic Spanish cuisine and provide an opportunity to share Spanish culture.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 1, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
WHAT: Free Paella Tastings (for the first 200 people)
WHERE: Taberna Del Alabardero, 1776 I St., NW, (18th St. btwn H & I)”

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  • Pablo Raw

    When I was in Spain, I ask one of my friends there how he made the paella. He look at me with the look of someone who is about to drop some ancestral wisdom and said: “I go to the grocery store, and get the one in the box, you just have to add water”. Since then, that’s what I do; I get my paella at Giant.

    • Fair enough, but some of us enjoy the process, not just the product. Paella pans are cheap and make a world of difference. Also, the saffron at Trader Joe’s is a spectacularly good value compared to anywhere else I’ve ever tried to buy it. Homemade paella rocks!

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I don’t know where you were in Spain when you asked that question, but I studied abroad in Valencia (the home of paella), and my host mother most definitely made it from scratch. She would work on it all morning serve it for lunch (the “big” meal in Spain). I have never had any paella that could even touch her paella. Paella in restaurants in DC is terrible for the most part.

  • “…new approaches and techniques to classic tapas and recipes that are fresh, organic and vegetarian”

    I got excited and thought this meant it was all vegetarian. Then I checked their menus – not even a little bit vegetarian. I count 0 vegetarian entrees, 3 vegetarian tapas, and no vegetarian paellas. So what’s vegetarian about this place? And why even use that word in a press release about a paella event that is clearly not veg-friendly?

    I’m not saying every restaurant should be vegetarian (maybe some day…) but it seems strange to advertise it when you clearly don’t mean it.

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