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  • Linc Park SE


  • DO IT.

  • oh my word…..?!?!? That made me laugh SO HARD!?!? That is insane.
    Thanks so much for posting that PoP, best laugh therapy I got in a long time.

  • That sign’s been there for a while. This part of the Met Branch is a segment of the East Coast Greenway, a bike touring route for the truly dedicated/insane.


  • Advertising the (under construction) East Coast Greenway – check it out at greenway dot org. The up-and-down arrow next to “FL” in the sign is the symbol for the Greenway.

  • This post is why your blog rocks. More of this kind of thing, please!

  • touring is actually some of the best / most peaceful time you can spend on the saddle.

    • Agreed. 6 years ago I was doing a cross-country tour from Portland to Portland (W-E). The worst day on the bike is still better than the best day in the office.

  • Love it – just like the signs in Sacramento, CA and Ocean City, MD that mark the two extremes of US Rte 50.

  • I love the East Coast Greenway. I’ve run on it in CT and it’s a glorious 10 foot wide path with little stands that have maps along the way. Every time you hit one there’s a sign with the distance to either end of the trail, Key West and Calais, ME.

  • For those days when you’re like “F-it” and just keep riding…

  • Ha! I remember that sign from when Chocolate City Brewing was there. I don’t cycle but appreciate the positive thinking.

  • I ride the trail almost every day and have never noticed it. The Dew Drop will help me slow down and smell the suds.

  • alphatango

    I wonder if that’s part of Bike Route 1.

    It was never fully implemented, but it was intended to be a fully bike friendly route from Maine to Florida. Mt. Vernon Trail is the start of the VA portion of the USBR1 and goes down until Lake Gaston at the NC border. I know it continues at least through NC, but not sure how far.

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