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  • Better than vacant. I guess. Cant wait for the 7-Eleven. Please note sarcasm. This whole process to find tenants has been horrible.

    • At least it’s not another corner store/bodega discreetly selling bath salts, spice, flakka, meow-meow, etc.

      • +1. As far as I can tell, that’s the chief advantage of a 7-Eleven over a bodega. That, and the lack of plexiglass.

  • Yes, I realized it must be open when I got off the bus and saw donuts and garbage on the ground when I got off the bus nearby. Hooray?

    • those are (presumably) from the customers, not the business. I don’t hold a grudge against a business because there is litter outside that has their name on it.

      That being said, I *do* want to see that they have ample trashcans, are sweeping up outside, etc. But i don’t expect a business to follow every customer who leaves and sweep up instantly behind them.

      • I don’t hold the business responsible at all.

        • Commercial entities are responsible not just for cleaning the sidewalk but also for cleaning the gutter area — 18 inches into the street, if I remember correctly. (Though it sounds like the DD trash you spotted would’ve been beyond the DD and in front of some other establishment.)

    • What kind of sick mind would scatter perfectly good donuts on a sidewalk?!?! That’s just wrong.

  • Such negative and sarcastic comments seem so unnecessary. Be positive guys.

    • I live nearby and don’t know hardly anyone who is excited about this. There is a lot of bitterness towards the Park Place development which sat vacant for years in such a prime location. So much potential wasted. People were excited about the Baskin Robbins as part of Dunkin Donuts, but then that got taken away. There is not an ice cream shop in Petworth so at least it would have filled a need.
      I will say that people are more upset by the 7-Eleven. There is simply no excuse why the area needs three 7-Elevens within four blocks of each other. They are bad neighbors and contribute to a great amount of litter in the neighborhood.
      Its too bad the owner and developer of Park Place was more interested in national chains with no connection to the neighborhood than locally owned businesses. Glad to see the other developers in Petworth not doing this. Kudos to them for finding quality local tenants. Its a win-win for everyone.

      • samanda_bynes

        yeah man, it’s kind of a bummer, but I’m not too offended by the DD. 7-11 on the other hand….consistently shitty. I wouldn’t expect the huge apartment complex to fill up with local stuff, but at least there’s tons of new stuff coming a few blocks down on NH and GA a la DCR’s people.

      • I don’t think anyone is ever excited about a 7-11, but on the contrary, most people that I have spoken with in the area are very happy Dunkin’ Donuts is there. It’s a perfect spot near the metro for it.

      • I went to DD and Saturday–it’s nice inside and the service was quick and friendly. I much prefer DD than empty storefront. As many other people have mentioned the rent there is probably expensive so it’s not conducive to a local business unfortunately.

      • west_egg

        ::lives nearby::
        ::is excited::

      • anonymouse_dianne

        There should be anonymity towards the original Park Place developers who overcharged rent and failed to make a deal for the DD space as well as the enormous sit-down restaurant space that goes vacant. Hopefully the new owners will fill the space and pay DC taxes.

        • It’s surprising how much room is actually in the DD. You could have put a small diner counter in there easily (akin to Hitching Post or Florida Ave Grill size) with some tables on the perimeter.

      • saf

        Live nearby. Not happy at all.

      • i live nearby and am very excited for this.

      • I live a block away and am SO excited about DD! Great coffee, convenient, and way more affordable than Sbux up the block in the Safeway.

  • I went yesterday morning – love a brand spanking new, sparkling clean store with over-zealous employees 🙂

    While I was initially bummed at the no Baskin Robbins part, I’m wondering if that’s actually a brilliant move from keeping out loiterers at night time (as presumably it’d be open later with a BR inside).

  • I knew it was open this morning as I crossed at Kansas and Quincy to see an empty DD box in the street. Within sight of a trash can.

    • So… did you pick it up?

      • That seems like a troll-ish question to ask. I can’t speak for Petworth Neighbor, but I know I don’t pick up litter unless 1) I’m not rushing to work and 2) I have something to pick it up with (like a napkin) or I’m wearing gloves.

  • I’m happy they are open; any idea what their hours are? I have to be at work at 7am, and my preferred choice of Qualia or Colony House aren’t open at 630am when I leave. So my only choice is McDonalds near Howard U.

  • Does anyone know the story of why the Baskin-Robins was not included in this?

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