Drama at the Harris Teeter on Potomac Ave & Pennsylvania SE


A reader reports:

“Today at 6:30 walking into Harris Teeter on Potomac Ave & Pennsylvania SE, a few cops run by & grab this woman wearing a red mask who was being held by (I believe) the security guard. She put up a fight. Sounds like (from other patrons) she had been running around the store, I don’t know if she was causing damage or stealing or anything.

Right now (7:00) there are 10 cop cars & an ambulance on Pennsylvania at the bus stop half a block away from Harris Teeter. Not sure what’s happening or if these are even related incidents. Guess things go a little crazy when it’s hot outside.”


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  • doesn’t look like she had any trouble locating the Scooby Snax aisle. I always have the hardest time navigating that store

  • “…this woman wearing a red mask”
    Is this one of the ski masked teens?

  • Nope, not a ski mask – it was a hard plastic demon-looking mask.

  • I saw this incident. The girl was cuffed but continued to struggle for what seemed like 10 or 15 minutes. My HT source told me the next day the kid was 13.

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