Dew Drop Inn (from owners of Wonderland) Opens in Edgewood near Brookland Wed. Have a Look Inside


The eagerly awaited Dew Drop Inn from the owners of Wonderland in Columbia Heights (Rose Donna and Mathew McGovern plus Wonderland’s manager Matt Szymanski) finally opens on Wednesday. And it is awesome. It is awesome not only because of the team but because quite frankly the building is so freaking cool. It is an old industrial building, formerly home to Chocolate City Brewery on the first floor where Dew Drop Inn will eventually expand into. There’s just something about a cool old building that’s hard to explain but it just feels like the real deal. It actually feels like the bar has been around for decades. And part of that is of course because of the great eye of Matthew McGovern.

Some bars open up and while cool it kinda feels like they’re trying too hard. With Wonderland and now Dew Drop Inn – it’s authentic. It’s not forced. Mathew really does dig this shit.  He has an eye for awesome bric a brac. Not too mention the amazing bar salvaged (from I forget where.) You’ll see what I mean when you see all the photos:


Actually, you’ll see what I mean when you check it out in person. They open tomorrow starting at 4pm (will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for now.)  They’re located at 2801 8 Street, NE right near an entrance to the MBT and the CSX train tracks and around the corner from those who know Mess Hall.


Lots more photos after the jump.


real deal jukebox


2nd floor space




cushioned stools and hooks!







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  • With HH prices like that, I’m very inclined to bike and stop by after work now. Best of luck guys! Looks awesome.

    • $2 off is pretty standard around D.C., but it may take the form of $5 wine or something which is the same price.

    • brookland_rez

      I stopped in after running 3 miles on the MBT last Friday and I must say I two glasses of the Hellbender Saison hit the spot on a hot steamy day like that.

  • I worry about the location of this place. You really have to go looking for it and there is really nothing else over there. We drove by over the weekend and it’s in a bit of a sketchy spot. That said, we’ll definitely check it out and really hope it succeeds in the neighborhood.

    • It more looks sketchy that is actually sketchy. I live in the adjacent neighborhood and wish they would have done something to improve the exterior of the building. It somewhat still looks boarded up and closed down.

      • Agreed. It’s really not sketchy. There is also the Edgewood Arts Center, Dance Place, a charter school, and the Menkiti Group offices nearby.

        • It’s always funny when people say “but that’s in the middle of nowhere!!!” and then complain in a few years that they want to buy a house/rent an apartment in said place but have been priced out. There’s actually quite a lot of traffic from the MBT here, and most of the bars in Brookland are a little more upscale so this definitely fills a need in the surrounding area. There are also thousands of units in the works within a 10 minute walk.

          • I don’t know, those prices for draft beers, even at happy hour, don’t exactly scream affordable. They probably should’ve aimed more for the Red Derby price range.

          • $4-5 beers that are actually good ARE a deal in D.C. All due respect to Red Derby, but they sell Schlitz and Heineken for $4-5, not Franziskaner and Hellbender.

          • The bars/restaurants on Monroe are a little more upscale-looking, but their draft beers aren’t any more expensive than this menu. Steel Plate has a ton of beers for $6 and really good wines for $5 and $6, too. $7 happy hour Fin Du Monde will definitely get me here, though. Very nice to have another spot on the block.

          • Lagunitas IPA is not very good.

    • That was my first thought, as well. It is definitely off the beaten path, but Catholic is just a few blocks away. They’ll have a steady stream of college kids coming in before you know it. And they did a great job of utilizing an awkwardly-shaped space. Similar to Wonderland, the more I look at it.

    • Used to go to Chocolate City all the time when it was open on Saturday. There were always people there. Because of the proximity to the MBT, this building gets a ton of bike and foot traffic. The RI stop pedestrian bridge can only help now that it is open. They will have no problem filling seats.

    • west_egg

      This sounds like how people described the neighborhood around Wonderland when they opened in 2004.

    • Pablo Raw

      It’s across the street from my office so the location is just perfect!

  • Looks beautiful. I like that it’s right on the MBT and under a bridge, so it requires a minor adventure to access. Like “Stand by Me,” but with craft brews and artisanal sandwiches, instead of a dead body—though there might be one of those too.

  • Looks great!!! Congrats on your opening!!!

  • Everything looks awesome. I was scanning through the photos, and the ones with the mugs and the ceramic rooster right on top of the stools caught my eye. I thought, “Damn, those are some HUGE mugs, or some TINY stools.” Then, of course, realized that there were two photos.

    Well, I’m an idiot.

  • The bars in Brookland are way more accessible than the bars on H St. IMO. We now have around 6 really good bar/restaurant options within 5 blocks of metro. Sure they’re not all in a row but you get to walk around and check out the neighborhood.

    • Metro isn’t the end all be all of dc accessibility.

      • what’s your point? I wasn’t implying that it was. I was only saying that the amenities of the brookland neighborhood are very metro accessible. The neighborhood is also very bike friendly too, mbt/capitol bike share. I suppose you could drive to the bars but I wouldn’t recommend it.

        • If you’re simply saying brookland is closer to metro, my apologies, but your statement referenced blanket accessibility to brookland which imo is basically metro rather than being more accessible generally. There are bikeshares all around h st. They don’t have the mbt, but cycle tracks run a good distance down I.
          I’d only recommend driving if you have self control which many ppl here lack unfortunately.

      • No, it isn’t, but catching the bus to H Street at certain hours of the day – even if you’re near one of the lines that actually goes there AND runs frequently – just isn’t happening in any big hurry. At least Metro gets me where I want to go within a relatively predictable and consistent span of time. The cycling infrastructure is better between downtown and Edgewood as well.

        • Yes, rush hour happens, but metro esp. red line breaks down and has delays. H st buses seemed pretty frequent usually 3-4 before my one bus.

          • It’s no good running frequent buses if they can’t GO anywhere due to the traffic. It can take anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes to get from downtown to H Street, depending on the time of day. Metro can be a pain in the neck, but most delays set you back 5 minutes, not 25 (aside from really epic meltdowns, which any individual rider encounters a handful of times in any given year).

    • I’m actually happy that Hst isn’t as accessible as U or Adams Morgan or Dupont….cause then it would be like Ust, Adams Morgan, or Dupont. 🙂

      • Anonynon

        yeah that is a positive. The people who go here meant to go here, not just happened to stumble in.

  • Sweet. A bike rack maybe? Doesn’t appear to be many places to securely lock up here.

  • palisades

    I don’t understand the statement about forced vs. authentic. It just looks like a bar to me

  • Looks awesome. It was nice having Chocolate City there, but that was really only a weekend thing with limited hours. The newly-developed Monroe Street is great, but this is even closer to my digs…can’t wait to check it out.

    And yeah, that part of Brookland/Edgewood is not as sketchy as it looks.

  • They have Beef on Weck! It’s not quite traditional (usually just roast beef, no onions or cheese) but it does have a kimmelweck roll! Also, non-IPA draft options, which is also a plus.

  • Lagunitas IPA is the worst.

  • The thing I’ve always found curious/dangerous about this location is that there is access to the MARC/CSX tracks here. I hope no one gets drunk and wanders in front of a train!

  • They could really use a bikeshare station.

    • +1. I never thought about it before, but it would make complete sense to have one at the top of the separated portion of the MBT. Plus it would allow easier access to the Metro since this is between stations.

  • that really nice fixed up really nice looking forward to come thru

  • Anybody know if dogs are allowed on the patio here?

  • Back in the mid 90s that place was called “The Underground Railroad”, I think it was run by rastafarians. If you think there is nothing over there now, image what it was like back then. I saw a few hardcore punk shows there. DC has changed so much.

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