Dacha “We Listened and Updated our Brunch Menu”

7th and Q St, NW

From an email:

“At our first brunch service we listened to the regulars and patrons in general and re-worked our menu. We lowered our price points and allowed for more flexibility when ordering.

Instead of offering big prix fixe options Dacha now offers a la card brunch with $10 to $17 dishes with tax included. Bottomless Mimosas will remain at $15 with tax also included.

Dacha Brunch is on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am till 2pm.”

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  • Yay! Their original pricing was stopping me from going but now I shall check out their brunch

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Sounds much more reasonable. Well done.

  • I don’t know…

    Doing a wholesale revision to their pricing in just 2 days because their pricing was too ridiculous for even the “am used to spending a lot of money on hardly nothing” crowd?

    I am almost more offended now because the super quick 180 is an implicit admission that they were simply trying to rip off their customers with their “throw anything at the wall approach to sky high pricing”.

    Nah…sorry. Still pass.

    • skj84

      I don’t think they we’re trying to rip people off, as much as underestimated their market. I agree that the prefix price was insane, but I don’t fault them for trying. I think if they included the bottomless mimosas with the prefix, the pricing would’ve been better recieved.

      • justinbc

        +1, I don’t think they were trying to “rip off” anyone. You presumably got exactly what you paid for, it’s just that they were only offering one option to buy, and some people don’t want that much food (and really are only interested in showing up to drink).

  • ALA CARTE?? “a la card “

    • I love a good heaping of a la card in the morning. Next to some eggs, bacon and joe… really hits the spot.

  • They’re still trying to force feed me jalapeno mac and cheese

  • ledroittiger

    Why don’t they just do beer n’ eggs for $10?

    • their beers cost more than $10…

      • Their beers are all $6-$8 for a standard serving (16-17 oz except for higher octane brews). The boots are more, but hold a liter of beer.

        • Last I was there there were more singles in the $10-$12 range than in the $6-$8 range; with none at $6 and only one at $7. Average price was nearly $10.

          There were a lot of offerings in the $7 range their first season, but then they raised prices in their second season. I have to confess, the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd has kept me from going this year, so maybe they have some cheaper beers now.

          It’s good beer, but you’re not going to get $10 beer and eggs.

  • hispanicandproud

    Ah la.

  • “A la card”? Oh well… at least they spelled “prix fixe” correctly.

  • I still find it annoying that one of the only places to find their prices is on PoPville. Unless (or perhaps even if) you’ve got multiple Michelin stars, I find not posting your prices on your online menu pretty obnoxious.

    • The original pricing was on their menu (although it’s not now — but I’ve actually stumbled upon quite a few places in DC that don’t put prices online).

  • It looks like they just removed the pricing info from the brunch section of their menu. I applaud them for listening to the complaints about the old prices, but why don’t they show them on the website?

  • I actually went there on Sunday. The steak portion was large, and the three included sides, (chips, mac and cheese, scrambled eggs) were a great deal. They were very quick to refill those of us who got the bottomless mimosa, and overall, I was very happy with the cost (less than $25) and service.

    • So the $32 food plus $10 bottomless thing was already done with by Sunday brunch? That was fast haha!

  • Glad they listened to reason after all.

  • No pricing and the only option w/o eggs is cauliflower. God knows to whom they were listening. Someone needs to tell them “infused” sauerbraten just sounds pretentious.

  • Accountering

    We went on Sunday morning and it was gone. We paid $15 for “Sausages” and it was a ton of food. Split it with Andie, and we couldn’t even finish all of the eggs, toast, sausages, and mac and cheese. Glad they came to their senses.

  • Brunch without eggs benedict is not brunch

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