Cops Now Riding Along on Some X2 Buses


A friend of mine took this photo of an X2 bus this morning. Anyone else noticing cops riding along certain bus routes? Has this been happening a while or is it pretty recent for those who’ve also noticed it?

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  • I feel sorry for those cops, nobody deserves that punishment

  • jim_ed

    This is really going to hurt that one anonymous hero with a can of spray paint’s campaign to #keepDCweird. Unsure how it will affect Subway’s ability or desire to eat shit, though.

  • Mixed feelings- glad that they’re doing this to make the bus safe, sad that they have to do it to make the bus safe.

  • Just curious — are these Metro Transit Police or MPD?

    • This cop was just asking to have her picture taken. She should known better than to ride the X2 in that outfit.

      • Clearly she’s been victimized and violated because the OP took a picture of her in public without her consent. The OP should have no right to do such a thing and should have had his or her phone destroyed.

    • The officer in that photo is Metro Transit, not MPD. I take the X2/X9 a few times a week and have not seen any Metro Transit Officers on the bus. I wonder if this was an isolated incident or if WMATA is stationing officers on the buses as part of their TOD.

  • I’ve seen transit police on the 79 bus too. Transit police still carry guns.

  • I’ve seen transit police on the 30s-line buses before. They seem to appear for a ride or two every few months.

  • I think this is part of an effort WMATA is undertaking to crack down on fare evasion on bus and rail. Bus drivers in particular have been assaulted in some cases when simply asking for the fare that is due. They may be targeting routes where fare evasion is more prevalent.

  • It’s kind of sad that it’s come to this. Just when you think that things have gotten better.

    • I don’t think we need to be that dramatic. I saw a metro transit policeman on the 31 bus that goes between friendship heights and foggy bottom — a pretty safe area — a couple months after I moved to DC, almost two years ago now. I think this is probably standard practice (particularly concerning their fare evasion initiative).

  • I’ve seen some pretty unsavory (and illegal) things going down on the G8 lately… Sad.

  • I’ve seen them a few times on the V7/V9 route. They seem more interested in making sure students had their DC One card for free fare. Most of the time the kids hop on the bus and let the driver assume they have the card in their possession.

  • It doesn’t appear to be the case here but some police officers use public transportation and are in uniform when they travel, so it won’t always be a big plan by Mpd or mtpd to put officers on public transit. Sometimes they use buses and subways just to get to work, like the rest of us.

  • My fiance just texted me from Gallery Place saying that he was getting on an X2 and there are cops there making sure people are paying. He said a girl walked past without paying and the cops pulled her off and gave the bus driver a lecture about it.

    I take the X2 almost every weekday and see people not paying at least a few times a week. I’ve never seen a bus driver say anything about it and honestly I don’t blame them, there’s tons of stories about bus drivers getting their butts kicked for trying to get someone to pay. And if the person just says no what are they going to do?

  • I saw this on the X2 the day after the Baltimore Uprising started and thought it was connected– there was a high police presence in Chinatown that night anyway, I heard mumbles police thought riots would break out here too. Two X2 buses came through while I was waiting for the 80 and both had MTP on them. The second bus the cop kicked two teenagers off, I don’t know what for but the teens were pissed and the cop was acting real serious. My bus came at that moment so I don’t know what happened after.

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