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  • Think this headline should read: “Cool New Skate Park in Shaw”

  • wasn’t aware this was seating. saw it for the first time this past weekend and just assumed it was art

    • I think seating can also be art. I appreciate thoughtfully designed pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and useful.

  • These are purposely designed this way to prevent people from laying down/sleeping on them. Also, per the above poster, they’re designed to not be able to skateboard on.

    • The lying down and sleeping thing I can see, but the edges of that yellow one are going to be chewed up by the end of the week! It’s a multilevel grind rail.

  • justinbc

    Looks nice, cool, and rather uncomfortable.

  • that yellow mellow looks jibbier than anything in that skate park down the street

    • This is exactly why they will be skated. The Shaw skatepark was poorly designed and constructed, and is now literally crumbling. A better skatepark would go a long way toward keeping skaters occupied. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t consult the skateboard community when considering new projects.

  • Are you supposed to sit on the yellow part and put your feet on the black part? Or sit on the black part and use the yellow part to hold your chocolate milk and comic books?

  • The benches are designed by local artist Howard Connelly and made from steel beams that were leftover from the construction.

  • Skateboarders will find a way to ruin this.

    I wonder why seating was installed here. Do they envision the kind of ground floor retail that goes with outdoor public seating (fast food, coffee, ice cream)?

    • I guess “ruin” is in the eye of the beholder…or designer. People find creative ways to use public space. As a poster above said, these may have been designed to discourage skateboarding or sleeping. In other cases, public art and spaces have been designed to attract skateboarders.

  • I love the whimsy and color of these benches! And the buildings look great. In fact, I really wanted to buy at The Shay/Haddon when the one was going to be condos. Then I found out they switched to making both buildings rentals and was so disappointed. Oh well, they look good. And hopefully they can attract great retail. I do live in the neighborhood so at least I’ll be able to enjoy the benches and the retail 😉

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