Colorful Privacy Decks – Cool or Not Cool?


“Dear PoPville,

Not sure what is going on here, but the owners appear to be building an elevated deck and privacy walls on their townhouse. To add to the “fun,” they have decided to incorporate a “burst of color” with bright blues and oranges. Never thought anything would become more eye catching than the much-maligned “middle finger” pop-up (which shares this alley) but this deck is giving it a run for it’s money.”


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  • i think it’s awesome. Not saying it’s necessarily my style – but that’s what it is, a unique style. who wants to see the same trex composite decking over and over? plus… it’s just the backyard… DC homeowners looking for anything to complain about.

  • I vote “not cool.” At least the loud colors can be painted over, though; a pop-up is a lot more permanent.
    Are these the colors of a well-known sports team or something?

  • From the angles shown, I’m just not seeing a problem.

  • Let’s go Mets! I assume that’s who the deck owners root for.

  • I vote cool. It’s like business upfront, party in the back. I like it.

  • I like this better than the dilapidated roman shade my neighbor put up that rattles anytime the wind blows. At least this is colorful.

  • Good on them. It’s a backyard alley in DC, I think we can hold off calling the fun police on this brazen attempt at color. What with “neighbors” taking “pictures” of their “home” and posting on Popville, seems the privacy screen is more then justified as well.

  • Drawing attention kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

  • For me this falls squarely in the “someone painted something a bright color” category. I can’t really muster any opinion about it beyond that.

  • I don’t understand why people feel the need for so much privacy. You live in the city. I love being on my back deck and don’t really care if people see me. I also actually talk to my neighbors on either side, and it would just seem rude to block that off.

    • My backyard doesn’t have anything like this, but I understand it. For me, it isn’t about the privacy so much as making the deck a defined space. It makes it so you have your deck, but don’t have to feel like you are in a parking lot or an alley whenever you are in it.

      Now, if I wasn’t competing with the concrete jungle, I wouldn’t do any sort of walling. My front deck, for instance, has a pleasant view of the neighborhood, the street, and my neighbors porches. I wouldn’t dream of dividing that off from everybody else.

    • Those with means are doing everything they can recreate the entire suburban mindset in the the city. Gotta love the bastardization of the New Urbanism!

  • justinbc

    Well I don’t love it because it reminds me of the Florida Gators, but I certainly don’t disapprove of the concept, given that my entire fence is stained Sequoia Red.

  • I think the faux garages look worse than the privacy shade/fence!

  • I think it’s kind of odd to make a little box for yourself (doesn’t it block light?), but aesthetically, it looks great, just change the blue to ‘Canes green.

  • My only issue with these types of barriers is that they block the breeze from the neighbor’s porch, thus taking away part of the reason you would go out on the porch. I would be bummed if both of my neighbors did this.

  • I hope they used very weather/sun resistant paint. I can’t imagine what this will look like after several months of mother nature. To each their own on color, by why build a huge wall like that? I don’t get it.

  • NY Islanders colors! And Mets. Dodger Blue and Giants orange, the state colors of NY. Looks good to me, and that’s a sparkling clean alley there, too.

  • I have problems with this, but the color isn’t one of them. If anything, I’d use it as encouragement to add some “fun” color of my own. But not walls. Light and moving air are too precious.

  • Maybe the barrier is to keep people from getting all up in their business. Backfired.

  • I’m not clear if they’re just painting an existing deck or if the deck is new all together. If it’s new then did they get a building permit? You can check the pivs website on Dcra. If not then you can report that. It’s also possible that the screen isn’t allowed without zoning approval because it cuts off the light to surrounding properties. Not sure on that one though.

    • “If not you can report that”
      Dear lord, get a life!

    • Unfortunately, that is not a function of DC zoning, other than enforcing the rear and side yard setbacks that are already in place. Nobody is entitled to daylight or breezes from over your property line (which is why the giant pop-backs can be legal, but still very annoying to most of the neighbors).

  • Cool. It’s an alley lined with garage doors so it’s not like some bright colors are marring the pristine view or anything.

  • It’s hard to tell from the photos, but they may be going for a Mondrian effect.

  • The Mediterranean coast must really be unsettling. Definitely cool. Here and there DC has some really cool purple porches.

  • I think it would be better if the siding was painted to match

  • That’s the middle finger pop-up? Maybe it’s just the perspective, but it doesn’t look nearly as horrendous as how people have described it. I guess it is tall, but I wouldn’t have spotted it on my own.

  • I think it’s awesome. What a playful contribution.

  • I’m cool with that. I’ve always disliked condo balconies or decks where there’s absolutely no privacy, just balcony after balcony after balcony lined up in a row. I’d do that to if it were allowed by my HOA. And the burst of color adds whimsy in my mind. This is not at all comparable to the middle finger of pop-ups (which I also don’t really mind (except of course the Ella).

  • This alley deck looks fine. Who cares?

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