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  • The true problem is the lack of bench-seating on trains.

  • *Rings Bell* SHAME! *Rings Bell* SHAME *Rings Bell* SHAME

  • While I know this is so annoying, people just aren’t that dileberat in there actions. Ever try saying “excuse me, can I sit there?” It’s a better approach if you actually want to sit down.

    • Truth. I was once so absorbed in what I was reading that I didn’t even notice that the train had filled up and there was a woman with a cane standing right next to my seat until another passenger politely asked if I would consider giving my seat to the woman with the cane. I wasn’t being boorish, I was just distracted, and I’m glad that other passenger spoke up, and did it in such a respectful manner.

  • skj84

    and no one asked her to move?!

    • So many people in DC don’t have the cajones to do that because they are afraid of hurting the other person’s feelings. Hate to bring NYC into this but if this were on the MTA then it would not even be an issue.

      • I don’t think it’s fear of “hurting the other person’s feelings” so much as “getting your head taken off.”

        • No. People in DC would much rather death glare and mumble under their breaths and vent on social media than actually do something to rectify the situation. DCers tend to be too inept at normal social interaction.

          • From all the stories I’ve seen on here lately, yes. Asking that woman to move in order to let someone sit could very possibly be answered by a cane to the face. I’ve learned that most people in the city are completely self-absorbed and blindly do whatever benefits them the most.

        • saf

          Agreed. When I was using a cane, I would ask for seats. 95% of the time, it was fine. The rest, the person would get nasty and hostile and kinda frightening.

        • justinbc

          The fabricated story within that story is hilarious.

        • That photo gets at another of my pet peeves: feet on seats. City streets and sidewalks are *disgusting* and now whatever crap (sometimes literally) you’ve stepped in is on my pants. Then my couch, bar stool, whatever. Grr.

  • This is the kind of case where I kind of delight in asking a person to make room.

  • Were there people looking for seats? If not, it’s just a little rude and I’m not crazy offended by this. She’s not in a priority seat and her feet are not touching a seat or a pole. Nowhere close to the time I saw a large man sprawled across two seats with his legs and feet sprawled across two more priority seats (right angle to his) and his arm reaching out holding onto a vertical bar!

    • Is it apparently was on a morning red line train, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the train was full. Plus, the initial post said the train was full.

    • Even if everyone who wanted a seat had one, I would still say this is incredibly rude. Her feet are dangling in the aisle! As you say, her shoes aren’t on the seat, but their soles are right up in the aisle and people will have to brush by them to move up and down the aisle. This is like her wiping her shoes off on everybody else’s clothes. Disgusting.

      • +1. Not quite as bad as someone having their shoes/feet on the seat, but not too far behind it.

  • accendo


  • I would have just sat down on her legs. My balls are bigger than hers.

  • Check for breathing..maybe she’s dead.

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