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  • It used to be good before the last time it closed (with the death of the owner or something?). It’s gone downhill since then. Majorly downhill. The delivery guys are still great, though!

  • Citi Pizza? Reminds me of this exchange from Wayne’s world.

    Wayne: Shitty Beatles? Are they any good?
    Tiny: They suck.
    Wayne: Then it’s not just a clever name.

  • justinbc

    I tried to order pizza from them a few weeks ago. I was looking at their website and had found one of the specials I wanted, so I called them, and after talking to a guy and placing the order he put someone else on who told me a totally different price. He then said that even though it’s the same owners in the same building with the same name it’s a totally different business and they don’t honor any of the specials from the website. So I said fine, I’ll just order from someone else instead.

  • It isn’t good pizza, but has saved my life on several boozy occasions.

  • I agree with Anonymouskst. It used to be good. We went once after the owners death and we were given a large pizza with an even larger bout of food poisoning. Never going back.

  • I used to order from this place when I lived at Senate Square. Nothing special – very average, but edible, pizza.

  • Agree with others – the original Citi Pizza was the best and was our go-to place for 5 years. Next there was New Citi Pizza, which was ok, but inconsistent at times. The current Citi Pizza is totally different, with noticeably fewer toppings. We no longer go, but use Manny and Olga’s at the other end of H for our take out/delivery.

  • brookland_rez

    This isn’t terribly surprising.

  • The pizza here isn’t great, but the wings are very solid: hot, crispy, nothing fancy, but just a really good chicken wing.

  • TempleCt

    Yes its definitely gone downhill since the owner passed away. I went when they reopened and it was terrible. Crown is now my late night spot.

  • I vomited blood after eating there and immediately contacted them as well as the health department

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