Chipotle Rage in Dupont Circle – “YOUR ALARM GOES OFF NIGHTLY. FIX OR LEAVE”

1629 Connecticut Ave, NW

A reader reports:

“Angry neighbors, I think. Sign says “YOUR ALARM GOES OFF NIGHTLY. FIX OR LEAVE” or something to that effect”

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  • I’ll be going by Chipotle tonight to complain about this in person. The alarm started around 1am and beeped loudly until I left for work at 8am…..

    • Why not just call up corporate? I doubt anyone working at the chipotle has much control over the alarm beyond setting it when they close for the evening.

      • ah

        On the other hand, does corporate HQ have some master alarm controller that allows them to turn off the system from Chicago?

        Seems more likely the manager of the store would be in a position to fix the problem. Best corporate could do is wake him/her up.

      • Actually, most often the manager(s) get called by the security company regarding the alarm going off. Either they can go check on the store or just tell the security company to turn it off.

    • Apparently their alarm system was malfunctioning and the company was called in to fix it last night. Corporate was very helpful about addressing the situation while the individual store “manager” was abrupt and not very apologetic. I was at least hoping for some chips and guac~!

  • On a related note, the fancy new apartment building across the street from me in Shaw has a fire alarm that goes off ALL THE TIME. This has been going on since before it opened a couple of years ago. I’ve called the management company a couple of times, but I don’t think anythings been done to fix the problem.

  • One way to solve this is to start charging for false alarms like other cities do, with larger and larger fines for successive false alarms. It gets fixed pretty quickly then.

    • +1. It’s weird that DC does not have this policy. Is it fear that it’ll scare people from installing/arming their alarms?

      • Doubt it – I think Alexandria only starts charging after 3rd call within a year or so? That’s not an excessive policy.

      • its likely b/c all fire alarms in DC are “local alarms” only, meaning the alarm goes off to evacuate the building, but 911 needs to be called to alert the fire dept. In other cities, alarms will automatically dispatch the fire department, thus the need to charge for multiple false alarms for this or for police & burglar alarms.

  • Ugh, that is the worst. That happened the other night (not because of anywhere that would serve me a tasty burrito, even) and I was furious.

  • OP, the alarm on your Beemer has been going off. Please leave.

  • justinbc

    Maybe they’re being robbed on a nightly basis. Quit thinking of just yourself.

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