Chipotle coming to the 2300 block of Georgia Ave by Howard University

2300 block of Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“The photo is from this morning and is taken from Georgia and Barry Place (by Howard University, across from the McDonalds). They’ve been working on the storefront since last week.”

Ed. Note: This is also the block with a Fuel Pizza, Fro Zen Yo and Chipotle (among others.)

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  • Awsome! And with Bryant open again this is an easy walk from the northern part of Bloomingdale!

  • great quick lunch option while at Banneker

  • ledroittiger

    Weird that they are opening another Chipotle on the same block (per editor’s note).

  • It blows my mind that this strip gets a FUEL and Chipotle, meanwhile, Park Place right above the Petworth metro gets stuck with a Cricket, 7-Eleven and Dunkin Donuts. Thank You, Park Place Developers!!!!!

  • Does anyone know or remember what was in this space before?

  • About time!! I’ve been saying that I would love to have opened up a Chipotle at that location for years! Now they need one at Fort Totten Station along with a bunch of other amenities!!

  • Cool…but sorta sad we are celebrating something this, well, mundane. It’s still a fast food CHAIN, it used to owned by McDonald’s, and it’s not like HU hasnt pissed away the opportunities in the past to make lower Georgia a more compact version of the areas around say, Columbia U., UPenn-Drexel, and other urban universities (now, after decades, it has a president who appears to “get it,” rather than being a self-serving potentate, we see some change). I am happy for better retail and services, and smaller opps like Colony, From the Core Studios, Bikram Yoga, Bravo Bar, Heat the Spot (deli opening soon along with Urban Drinkery)….all over in Mighty Mighty Parkview.

    Still, nice for HU students, and Banneker students and faculty. Dont forget the frozenyo.

    Be nice if Ice Cream Jubilee would come to the ghetto…

  • What’s the Number to this Location

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