Chez Billy Gets New Chef in Petworth – Check Out the New Menu Launching Tuesday

3815 Georgia Ave, NW

From an email:

“Chez Billy, the neighborhood French bistro in the heart of Petworth announces Lawrence DiJoseph as the new chef at Chez Billy. DiJoseph’s menu will debut at the bistro Tuesday, June 16.

DiJoseph heads to Chez Billy after a storied career that includes stints at New York City’s Picholine, Bistro du Vent and most recently, 8 ½ in Richmond, VA. A 4th generation Washingtonian, DiJoseph began cooking professionally at age 18 inspired by the city’s long history of exceptional French restaurants and chefs like La Côte d’Or Cafe, Le Pavillion, Citronelle and Jean Louis Palladin. He is also inspired by his family’s long culinary lineage. His great grandmother owned an Italian restaurant called Vesuvius at the turn of the 20th century where the FBI building now stands, his grandfather owned the Monticello Delicatessen in Alexandria from 1937-1968 and his nephew is Chef Brendan L’Etoile, Chez Billy and Chez Billy Sud’s executive chef.

“I’m DC through and through. It’s in my blood and I’m so pleased to be back here after twenty years,” says DiJoseph. “Plus I love to cook with Brendan. We have been cooking French food together for a decade. It’s really special when we are in the kitchen together. It’s family.”

“We are linking what we do at both Chez Billy and Chez Billy Sud now so that the experiences are congruent, but have ‘regional’ differences,” say proprietor, Ian Hilton. “We’re excited and honored to have a chef of Lawrence’s caliber at the forefront helping us to do that.”

Check out their new menu launching tomorrow:

Chez Billy Dinner Menu (PDF)

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  • Uh Oh, no burger?

  • Oh no! No onion soup!
    Maybe when the weather gets cooler…

  • Looks like they went from one to two vegetarian dishes! Nice!

  • No more bone marrow? That makes me sad.

    My favorite place to go – especially in winter – with my least favorite menu.

  • Some of the new options look good but no frites with the mussels or the steak? I went here for my steak and frites (and bernaise sauce) fix.

    • yeah – we went the other night solely because I was craving steak and frites and that delicious bernaise. They did the steak with fries, but no more bernaise. What French restaurant doesn’t do bernaise?!?! They said the new red wine sauce was just as good but it tasted like a red wine vinaigrette. Basically like something I could make at home. Very underwhelming.

    • I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. The profiteroles, my favorite dessert in the world, are back but the bernaise and frites are gone. Maybe I should go for dessert only.

  • Nooooo! I liked their menu, this all looks like generic crap. Why couldn’t they let things be as they were

    • … Because change is good? But seriously, 3+ years is along time for menu, and as much as I liked some of the dishes on the old menu, I think the new one looks just as interesting.

      Go DiJoseph! Shake things up, and give me a reason to head back to Chez Billy.

  • Looks very tasty (probably all the more so because I’m hungry right now)… but they still need to fix the spelling of “vichyssoise.”

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Mussels and no Frites? No Duck a la orange? No chocolate mousse? I like chez billy sud better.

  • So the chef at Chez Billy moves to Chez Billy Sud and we get a new chef. Did Petworth lose on this one?

    • saf

      I dunno. I have never really had a very good dinner at Chez Billy, but I hear the other place is better. Maybe we win.

  • I’m cool with the changes. Chez Billy has always been my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. I like it both from an atmosphere and quality of food perspective. Like some others, I’ll miss the steak frites and bernaise, but I trust the Hilton Brothers. Now if we could only get them to open another top quality place in Petworth or on 14th by Red Derby!

  • Vichyssoise is spelled wrong.
    Onglet grillé is spelled wrong
    daube provençale is spelled wrong.

    I stopped after that. But come one. It’s not like French is some exotic language with 20 speakers. Find someone to proof read your menu!

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