Attempted Carjacking in Eckington by Three “13-15 yrs armed/ bats & Mallets”

From @DCPoliceDept:

“Attempt Carjacking/Armed: in the 100 block of U ST NE @ 2219 hrs
LOF 3 B/M 13-15 yrs armed/ bats & Mallets//7160″

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  • this makes me so angry. all’s we’re trying to do is get through the day, pay some people. Yet these hoodlums carjack, steal handbags from patios (like at rustik tavern), etc. It’s depressing and I wish it wasn’t like this. I wish these kids had some opportunities for a life of real hope instead of crime, but I guess I’m just pounding sand thinking like that.

    • They have the opportunity to be law abiding citizens. They have the opportunity to take personal responsibility. There are plenty of opportunities in life. Not all of them have to be spoon fed.

    • You’re pounding sand because you’re thinking about this situation as being caused by different circumstances than other crimes, and thinking of the perps by default as hoodlums. They are criminals yes, but there is a driving force behind why they do what they do that people stereotype rather than looking beyond simple biassed answers.

  • They were probably angry about gentrification and “protesting”.

  • How do I reeeach these keeeeeds.

  • Did any of them even know how to drive? Is that why it was attempted, and not successful?

    • I’m assuming it was unsuccessful because the driver didn’t stop for these idiots. If kids were trying to attack my car with a baseball bat, you can be sure I’d keep driving. No way in hell I’m stopping or – even worse – get out of my car!

    • A stolen car is a perfect vehicle for learning to drive–it’s not your problem when you smash it up.

  • best solution is drive manual. Not one of these kids would be able to drive it down the street. #manual4life

    • That still won’t stop them from beating you to a bloody pulp.
      My good friend was carjacked in Petworth for his manual Mercedes. The kids put him in a coma, but couldn’t drive the car for more than half a block. Yeah, your car is still there but at what cost?

      • In Petworth? That’s horrible! When did that happen? Did they ever catch the carjackers?

        • It was four years ago, just off Kennedy and Illinois. He left his car running in the driveway, ran into the house to grab something, and the kids were already trying to take off with the car when he came out 30 seconds later. He confronted them and they attacked. I don’t think the kids were ever apprehended.

          • I really hate myself for victim blaming here… But your friend left his Mercedes running in his driveway in Petworth? That’s just asking for it.

          • west_egg

            “That’s just asking for it.” — No. No, it really isn’t.

    • I agree manuals help from a regular car theft standpoint, but in a carjacking situation they’ve probably already started their assault on you by the time they realize it’s a stick. If they suddenly find out they can’t get away in the car, the last thing I want is angry criminals taking their frustration out on me instead of my clutch!

    • Emmaleigh504

      manual transmission didn’t stop my car from getting stolen 🙁 (years ago in another city) They got all the way across town with it before they crashed into some poor lady’s car. On the other hand, stick shift is more fun to drive 🙂

  • For a second I thought this read “bats and mullets” – I’m not sure which is scarier.

  • Makes me so mad too. My car was stolen by a 14 year old a few years back. MPD caught him but the prosecutors let him go scot free. Nothing at all happened to the kid in the criminal justice system, and he even rammed a cop car with the stolen car when he was apprehended. Why is DC so so weak when it comes to juvenile crime?

  • Those are quite young kids … really sad, all around.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bats and mallets is terrifying. I’d much rather be shot than be beaten to a bloody pulp.

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