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  • What is needed in the neighborhood is a high quality Indian restaurant.

  • I can’t think of anything dumber than a “Chinese sushi wine bar”

  • I wonder what sort of food they’ll serve.

  • this is just a shame – Chinese/Sushi/Thai should never be served under the same roof.

    Notice anywhere actually good doesn’t try to combine these genres.

    • Unless you’re José Andrés. Otherwise, no.

    • Mug of Glop

      I don’t know. Baan Thai is pretty good with that description! Although I’ve only ever had their Thai food. It does seem odd that this restaurant with pretty much the same goal is moving in only a block away, though.

    • A little known fact: The reason you see so many Thai/sushi combinations is that a lot of Thai chefs trained as sushi chefs before striking out on their own. May not seem natural but given their background (Thai people who learned how to make sushi) it totally makes sense. It’s the ONLY combination of Asian cuisines I’ll patronize.

    • Tsunami down the street has some of the best Thai food in the area and the sushi is okay.

  • Is this for real, though? Or is it just a way to avoid that vacant property tax. The “Chinese Sushi Wine Bar” across the street has had literally zero activity since that sign went up.

  • Something about the generic signage makes me skeptical. But a good Chinese place in the ‘hood would make a killing (I don’t get the raves for Great Wall.)

    • Let’s all pray this will be panda gourmet 14th street.

    • justinbc

      Great Wall is the best Chinese place in DC not named Sichuan Pavilion.

      • ledroittiger

        As close to true as this is, it’s not. Panda Gourmet is the best place not named either of those.

    • And you’ve tried the ma la menu? That said, I’d love to see more legitimate Chinese options in D.C. proper. But I don’t think “Asian Restaurant” is going to cut it.

      • I have tried the ma la items and found them to be way too oily for me. The rest of the menu is OK, but veggies aren’t always the freshest and egg rolls seem to come from a Sysco truck.

        • I’m with you. I don’t get why everyone loves Great Wall so much.

        • I can understand that. I do like the ma po tofu and ma la chicken, but don’t care for the twice-cooked pork, for instance. It probably is a little overrated, but when the alternative is all the Yum-style stuff every couple blocks, that’s understandable. I’ve never toured the restaurants in Rockville but would love for some of the folks in that community to lend us a hand down here, so I definitely agree with your point about making a killing.

          • The Rockville places have their own shortcomings. The most loved of the Sichuan places ( a little beyond Congressional Plaza–forget the name) has great sauces but poor quality protein.

        • Egg rolls at most places are obviously frozen. the ma la is what makes Great Wall worth the effort. Another greasy storefront Chinese place would be a shame.

    • I would be supremely happy to see another Panda Gourmet-style place (Sichuan/Xian). However, I would prefer some Chinese food not on offer in DC. Some good northern style dumplings, Yunnan food or Xinjiang/Uighur cooking (Which would would do great, IMO).

  • How can we not get a bagel place on 14th. That place would mint money.

    • +1. A cosmetics store like Blue Mercury would do really well too.

      • I thought I read the running store on P was moving and Blue Mercury was moving in. Was I dreaming?

    • Yeah, seems like a bagel place here would do great. Would get the weekday commuters and all the weekend traffic. Just from a successful business standpoint, this is a tough proposition. Within ONE block of this restaurant and the new Asian place that might be coming into Playbill are: Rice, Great Wall, Teak Wood, Baan Thai, Thai Tanic, Yum’s, Maki Shop.

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