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  • I’ve eaten outside here multiple times–the license is just to serve booze on the patio.

  • this would be great. It’s good food and very nice people. It’s been a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • I want to like this place, I really do. The sushi was just so bad & with thai I can’t not pick Beau Thai. Does anybody prefer this place over them?

    • I do. I used to rank Beau Thai above these guys, but their food began sliding way downhill around the time the started working on the new location, and hasn’t picked up since. I don’t think Aroi Thai is anything particularly special, but their sushi is serviceable (just had it two days ago, maybe you came on an off night?) and their Thai is tasty if you know what to get.
      Regarding the liquor license request, I’ve definitely been served alcohol on their patio numerous times so it’s strange that they’re just now seeking a license. Although maybe this is for a renewal?

      • I prefer Aroi much more than Beau Thai. Everyone raved about Beau Thai, so we were excited to try it. We had take out once at their old place and liked it, but as the other person noted we have not been happy with what we’ve carried out of the new location. We’ve had it about four or five more times, and the last time we waited for our order for well over 45 minutes (in addition to the 15 minutes they had the order before we arrived) and they didn’t seem particularly busy at the time. We really like Aroi Thai, but we don’t get the sushi. And yes, they’ve had outdoor seating for as long as we’ve known this place existed.

      • they used to serve on the sidewalk, but last time I was there, they said they couldn’t do drinks. They must have not included it on the original liquor license and noticed it sometime later

    • Got Aroi once, and it was inedible. Can’t do it.

    • I’m not sure what sushi you’re buying but the sashimi and spicy rolls I get is are fresh (frozen, no doubt) and delicious. I’ve brought probably 50 people here over the last year and the food has always been excellent – I’ve never heard a single complaint. I’ve also ordered for delivery twice a month and it’s always on time and yummy. And no errors like I used to get when I ordered from Beau Thai.

      Maybe it’s just that it’s better for lunch? I have no explanation for the difference in experience.

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