Anyone know what went down in Rat Park last night?

Lots of readers wrote in and tweeted just before 11pm last night:

“I’m seeing lots of police and police tape up around Rabaut Park, near 16th & Columbia Road, but I haven’t seen anything about it on the DC Police twitter feed. Both Harvard Street and Argonne Place are blocked off and filled with police vehicles, and it looks like police tape is blocking off any pedestrian entrance to the park. It’s been like this since around 10pm. Have you heard anything about what might have happened?”

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  • Probably this:

    At approximately 9:45 PM, members of the Fourth District were dispatched to 1613 Harvard Street, Northwest, to investigate a suspicious package. The suspicious package was a box addressed to 1613 Harvard Street, Northwest, bearing no apartment number. The box had a ticking sound coming from inside of it. Officers quickly cleared the area and the Explosive Ordinance Division was called. MPD’s EOD responded to the scene and X-rayed the box. The box contained a harmless child’s toy inside. The area was then re-opened.

    Posted by: “Figueras, Raul (MPD)”

  • Was there last night, overheard someone say there was a bomb threat in one of the buildings. Maybe on Harvard?

  • Egad

    Too funny! I always called this place “Rat Park” because of all the rats that live under the bushes. I never knew that the real name was Rabaut Park. How fitting!

    • Aka Ratbutt Park.

    • I didn’t know this was called Rat Park and have been using that name for the little triangle of land at 16th and Park Rd in front of Sacred Heart. Someone keeps putting bread crumbs out there to feed the birds, but the rats are brazen enough to join in – even during the day.

    • saf

      Yeah – when I lived over there, we called it pigeon park.

  • As former residents of 11th & M NW, my wife and I always called Franklin Park (downtown, 14th & K) “rat park.”
    We could never walk through that place after work without seeing at least 10 rats.

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