“Any idea on when the city is going to reopen the street?”


“Dear PoPville,

Had a Question I can’t find an answer to that I thought the PoPville community might be helpful with. As part of the Dunbar High School reconstruction DC rebuilt O street between 1st and 3rd streets NW. The high school and the street have been completed for months but O street continues to be blocked on both ends by construction fencing. Any idea on when the city is going to reopen the street?

An article about the reconstruction of the street is here.”

Ed. Note: I inquired with an ANC rep who said they don’t know when it will reopen either and would also like the question answered.

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  • Shouldn’t the ANC rep who would like an answer be the person elected to find it?

  • you’d be surprised. ANC commissioners, like everyone else in DC, don’t always get their calls and emails to government agencies returned.

  • I have inquired for months about creating public hours for the track. They said they cannot open the track to the public because all the work is not completed yet – I assume they fell behind schedule and only finished what was required to be able to use it during the school year. I expect they should finish the work soon given that school is almost out for the summer.

    But be warned – the DC WASA project will close 1st street between P and O through December.

    • They are planning to close 1st Street entirely between O and P? When did you hear this? I inquired about this project recently directly with the project manager and they never said they would close the street entirely.

      Granted, if they do close it, perhaps the many, many people each morning and evening who use it to commute and clog it up between Florida and New York Avenue will learn to take a different route and never return.

      • This would be a miracle. I love it when the big rigs block the whole intersection each and every day! At least I’m on a bike and can usually squeak by on the crosswalk.

        • I made the mistake once of grabbing an Uber to head to Union Station rather than the bus as I should have done. It took 20+ minutes to go from 1st Street at P to cross New York Avenue (that’s seriously three blocks). The intersection of 1st and New York is one of the worst in the cities. Reopening O Street will hopefully help a little assuming it ever happens. Then again no one turns down P street to get off 1st so I remain skeptical.

          Either way, 1st Street between New York and Florida is a cluster every single day, for hours each day. Maybe closing it for WASA work wont’ be the worst thing in the world.

      • Why shouldn’t they use it? It’s a road, after all…

        • Because they end up sitting in traffic. From a purely practical standpoint, it isn’t a very commute through friendly street. I really have no idea why people take it at all. North Capitol isn’t much slower. But if you’re commuting North South in that in that general area, 1st is a tight, very residential street and also an emergency route, so there is some concern when emergency response vehicles cannot get through. So there are a myriad of reasons why they shouldn’t use it to commute through. It isn’t a main artery. No one is arguing there should be some legal restriction. It’s just irritating for the people who live in the neighborhood when the vast majority of the traffic is from commuters who neither live nor work in the neighborhood.

          • A huge help would be if police would ticket the hell out of anyone blocking the intersection of NY Ave and First. A week of ticketing would cure a lot of that intersection’s problems (and go a long way towards filling ticket quotas.)

  • My understanding is that they aren’t going to open it until the work on the track is finished, and we were told that would be sometime in Spring/Early Summer.

  • At a SMD meeting in early May (with the ANC rep present) a representative from DGS said one to two weeks. I believe the situation is that DGS built the street bc it was on school property and had to get DDOT’s approval on the work they did. They had to go through a couple rounds of inspections before DDOT would approve it and take over operations. It seemed like a convoluted process.

  • The road closure looks ridiculous, however, its been closed since the 1970’s or whenever the previous Dunbar was built.

    The ANC Rep is awesome. If she doesn’t know then no one knows.

  • As someone who lives across the street from Dunbar, I notice most things that happens there. They completed the track about a month ago. There is no reason the street should be closed off because of Dunbar construction. I do wonder if they are going to be doing work on the charter school that is on the other side of the street. There have been some fences up along 1st street between O and P. 1st and New Jersey Avenue heavily back up at rush hour. Hopefully opening O will alleviate some of that.

    • I’m not sure how it will alleviate it when 1st and NY Ave also backs up. The problem seems to be the lights on NY Ave do not change very often and when they do, the intersection is usually blocked so you can sit through an entire light cycle and never move.

      The fence on first between O and P is because of the water remediation issue from the parking lot beside the charter school. That’s been there a while. Unless something new went up today.

      I totally agree though, I have not seen any construction along the fenced off O Street at all. I’m not sure what they are waiting on but maybe I’m missing it.

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