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  • Can anyone tell me how late they’re open?

    Thank you.

    • Aren’t they unlocked 24/7? I haven’t played on the AdMo courts in a few years, but I never remember seeing them locked.

  • does anyone know if these courts must be reserved or is it first come first served? i went on the dpr website and googled marie reed tennis courts, but can’t find much information on how to use courts.

  • DPR tennis courts are usually first come first serve UNLESS they are reserved for a program that is approved by DPR. I play with a program at Banneker, and we book all but two of the courts on Saturday at Banneker.

  • These look great.

    While we’re on the topic: Anyone have recommendations for good courts in the 14th St corridor area or good websites for finding courts? I’ve played on the courts at 16 & Irving, but it seems like there’s never an open court sometimes.

    • TennisDC has a list of courts (with reviews) in DC, NOVA, MD. You have Banneker and Fort Stevens in that area. Banneker has 8 courts and lights and Fort Stevens has 4 courts and lights.

  • They are finishing up the same exact restoration scheme to the tennis courts in Garfield Park. I’m assuming this is city-wide project to restore all the courts.

  • That’s great and everything but uh.. there’s no net…

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