“7th gun recovered by Third District officers in the past 3 days”

From MPD:

“Approximately 60 minutes ago [just before midnight Friday night] Third District officers received a call for a man with a gun in the 1600 block of 7th St, NW.

Foot patrol officers who were in the area located the subject and attempted to stop him.

After a brief foot pursuit the subject was apprehended after he threw the firearm.

This is the 7th gun recovered by Third District officers in the past 3 days.”

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  • Good job guys

  • Out: Guns
    In: Ambar

    • “Small plates 4 guns” exchange?!?!?
      I’m sure The Bad Guys™ will be all over it – a Glock for a plate of 3 asparagus spears wrapped in imported prosciutto is a fair trade.

  • Accountering

    Excellent. Just moved a block from here. Good job cops!

  • One down, an unlimited amount left to go!

  • Live on 8th between P and Q. The cops had surrounded the entire alley so that one of my roommates who was driving home couldn’t enter the alley to park behind the house. The cops scared the shit out of another roommate they woke up by shining a flashlight into her bedroom window and asked to search our parking area for the gun. Small price to pay for the recovery and glad to hear they apprehended the suspect. Oddly enough I’ve been searching for this ever since it happened (I was out of town then and heard the story from roommates), this is the only forum I’ve found discussing it.

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