7000 Series Trains Live on the Red Line “Amazing to be able to hear the announcements.”

red line 7000

A reader writes in:

“Rode my first 7000 series car today on the red line to shady grove. Amazing to be able to hear the announcements although in an electronic voice reminiscent of airport trams. Smoother ride too. Didn’t mean that we didn’t stop randomly in tunnels, as always…”

For others who’ve ridden – have you noticed a smoother ride too?

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  • The ride was definitely much smoother

  • I noticed a smoother ride, the announcements were much easier to hear, and the train car was nice and cool. People still refusing to move to the center of the car though 🙁

  • Still haven’t gotten one, but I never ride the Red Line.

  • If you really want to try to ride one, today Greater Greater Washington posted the approximate schedules for both the Red and Blue 7000 trains:


  • The gentleman in that photo hasn’t yet heard of Metro’s ban on peach-colored pants.

  • I haven’t ridden a new train yet, but I have noticed that the automated controls (when they are used) makes for a MUCH smoother ride, especially pulling into stations.

  • Biggest problem I’ve noticed is that the train color and destination need to be announced first. Too often the automated announcements go something like this:

    Ding ding
    Doors opening, stand back to allow customers to exit
    When boarding, please move to the center of the car
    This is a…
    Ding ding
    Step back, doors closing

    If I were vision impaired I’d have no idea what color train it is or where it’s headed. It’s a definite flaw that can be easily corrected by just moving up the color/destination segment.

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