What are your favorite Pay Pools/Hotel Pools?

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“Dear PoPville,

With 86 degree weather and a few hours off I’m heading to the Dupont Hilton ($25 for the day) but curious what else is out there. I know of Skyline and a few others but wondering what your readers know.”

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  • Vida Pool is my favorite.

  • SouthwestDC

    The Capitol Liason pool is $25/day and free after 5pm.

  • The Embassy Row Hotel is $20/day and just underwent a big reno. It’s small but nice and centrally located.

  • Anyone know of a salt water pool at a local hotel?

  • Does anyone know if any hotels in west end have outdoor pools that you can get a pass to?

    I went to the dupont Hilton last memorial day- was super fun!

  • DC has wonderful public pools. There is no reason to pay to go to some elitist pool.

    • There are wonderful hotel pools. There is no reason to go to some pool used by judgmental people.

    • The public pools fill up really fast. If you want to go anywhere after noon, you probably won’t be able to get into most public pools.

    • The public pools are great, but they’re loud, and usually too crowded for swimming or sunbathing, and they don’t have a bar. There are a lot of good reasons to pay for a hotel pool that have nothing to do with snobbery.

    • And there’s also the fact that the OP wanted to go to a pool this afternoon, and DPR outdoor pools don’t open for another 3-4 weeks.

    • Sure there is.. Cocktails

  • There is also a Twilight Tuesday event all throughout the summer that is free (Vida U Street rooftop pool). Just have to find eventbrite invite and RSVP in advance.

  • Tip: If you live in a management-owned apartment you might be able to use their sister apartment’s pools like at my building.
    My friends swear by the Hilton pool & gym for summer which has drink service apparently.

    To avoid riffraff I usually use the Equinox patio to lay out but it has no outdoor pool.

    I’ve always wanted to spend an afternoon at Dumbarton Oak’s pool, you can visit the gardens and actually swim in their pool for $10 bucks. It’s not a hotel but it’s certainly one if not the most beautiful places in DC.

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