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  • Nooooooooo.

    • I hope Judy has the Orkin man and a mop on her side when she “goes to battle.”

    • Those are the inspection details from March when the restaurant was first closed. Since the restaurant re-opened and has now closed again, I am interested to see what the report will say this time.

  • Still the best, most authentic restaurant in the 14th and U street corridors in my opinion.

  • It sounds like it was pretty damned dirty back in March. It doesn’t inspire confidence that they’re closed again 6 weeks later. On 3/27/2015 they had seven critical violations, including:
    Various food contact surfaces including the ice machine, stove, and the interior of every refrigeration unit observed very unclean.
    Both rat and mouse droppings were prevalent throughout the floors and shelves of the storage area of the establishment. Also, cockroach carcasses were observed on several glue traps in this area as well. Furthermore, pest harborage conditions were prevalent as well, including holes in walls/ceiling, food debris on floor, cardboard boxes on floor, et cetera.
    Holes and gaps observed throughout walls and ceiling of establishment. Also, the ceiling above the refrigerators in the storage area observed exposed. These areas must be sealed, in order to prevent the entry of pests.

  • Anonynon

    I’ve been to Judy’s once, having lived in the area for 3 years now…I wouldn’t mind if something different moved in. Has anyone heard any info on the building next to Piola? It was suppose to be turned into some tavern, but no movement in months.

  • I love this place and have never gotten sick but that is pretty gross. I hope they are able to get everything clean and reopen quickly.

  • I’m not surprised about droppings in the kitchen. Just seeing the place from the exterior and how dirty tables are inside I know I don’t want to eat there.
    I’ve worked in kitchens and have battled rodent problems and we were finally able to do it with help of an exterminator. But, you still need to instill confidence in your guests by having a clean dining room.

  • For those wanting something else to move, it’ll NEVER happen. Judy’s father has owned that building for over 25 years, so yeah. She’ll get the place cleaned up, and it’ll be open again.

    • Great news! The cuajada….out of this world.

    • If Judy’s dad has owned the building for that long, he’d probably make an absolute killing on a property sale. Not necessarily hating on Judy’s (it was just “OK” when we went, the tilapia wasn’t very fresh). I’ve heard generally good things about the place honestly. But when somebody throws a couple million $$$ in your face, people’s tune changes. That’s retirement money, or at least sell and move to a cheaper/newer location in the city.

  • Went there for the first time a few weeks ago. The food was really good. However, after seeing this report (it’s gross) I don’t know if would ever go back.

  • DC1

    Being in the industry (in fact, my business is helping restaurants comply with the DOH rules and stay open) and after reading the report, it looks like things are getting a bit out of hand for Judy, and most of the things are extremely easy to avoid IF you care about keeping your restaurant open…. heck, I’ve dealt with hundreds of DOH inspectors and they tend to overlook many, many things, so for them to shut down a place, just shows how bad things are.

  • Is it just me, or do the windows and door look filthy in this photo? That should be a sign of what’s inside. 🙁

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