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  • Was this the Sacrificial Lamb before?

  • Unless that place was gutted, there is zero chance I would ever purchase food from there.

    • Yeah. Urine is soaked right through to the foundation of that building. They’re never getting that smell out. Just tear it down and build anew.

  • Feel bad for the new owners. No matter how good their food will be, people will stay away just because it was Townhouse. Years worth of vomit and piss have to still emanate from that place; not the best spot to sell food.

    If anything they should’ve turned it into another dive bar (after a gigantic steam cleaning with bleach).

    • Dupont is full of transients, though. If they can survive a few months there will be a new crop of kids living in the neighborhood who never knew what Townhouse was like.

    • No new owners. It’s the same owner who lost the Townhouse liquor license.

  • Oh I hope bad dirt coke is one of the hookah flavors.

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