Today’s Rental is a studio for $1573 in Dupont

1727 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 1727 Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Spacious studio on the 8TH floor of this sought after building in the heart of Dupont Circle. All utilities are included. Enjoy the view from the rooftop and walk everywhere.”

Unfortunately no interior photos but for $1,573/Mo this studio might be worth checking out.

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  • And this location is about 1000 times better than yesterday’s more expensive studio rental.

  • Is this a legitimate listing? A lack of interior photos doesn’t inspire confidence in the legitimacy of the rental.

    • binpetworth

      It’s so spacious mere pictures couldn’t contain it!

    • Genuine question: Do non legitimate listings happen often? How can you spot them?

      • I’ve only encountered one fake ad. The advertised rent was way below what you would expect to pay for the area. And the “landlord” was really pushy, demanding that I complete an application before agreeing to give me a tour. He was also asking for a lot of personal information, which you’re never asked to provide that early in the process.. His persistence and aggressiveness creeped me out, so I stopped responding. A few weeks later, I saw an identical unit advertised for double what the fake ad was asking.

      • burritosinstereo

        Yes. I was recently looking for a new place and saw fake ads on Craigslist DAILY – you can tell they are fake because the listing will be for a 750 sq ft 1 bedroom in Dupont for like $900/month, for example, and all the pics will look like they were pulled from a model home ad. If you actually send one of these suspicious ads an email (which I admittedly have done, back in like 2008 when I first moved to DC and didn’t know any better), they’ll give you a BS story about how they are overseas for work and will need you to send a money order/certified check/etc

  • What a random number. Why not just say $1575 or $1600 and be done with it?

    • DC has rent control laws. They could be raising it the maximum allowed amount, and this is what they’re getting.

  • I used to live in this building. The studios are actually pretty decently sized. Mine had a little dressing room that I crammed a twin bed into, and a walk-in closet that I still miss. Pretty nice building, too — the roof deck is a very nice perk.

  • I lived in this building in the late 1990s in a studio on the 8th floor as a matter of fact…the rent was $700/mo all in. Great building and great location just shocked at price.

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