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  • In case you wondered, as I did, here’s what Wikipedia says we are seeing:

    A thrust fault is a type of fault, or break in the Earth’s crust across which there has been relative movement, in which rocks of lower stratigraphic position are pushed up and over higher strata. They are often recognized because they place older rocks above younger.

  • Back in the nineties we used to call this the Urban Wildlife Extension Exhibit for the zoo, because there were active rat burrows in that enclosure.

  • Does this mean the neighborhood has in fact never been part of the upper crust!

  • Why….would anyone try to fence in a geologic feature?

  • Thanks! I’ve been wondering what that was since moving to the neighborhood, but have been admittedly too lazy to really investigate.

  • I love this thing. After getting back from the Grand Canyon last summer, I ran into this. And loved it. It’s our little geologic feature in DC. Go schist!

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