The Bright Red Auto Repair Shop next to American Ice is For Sale “Great Mixed-Use Opportunity”

911 V ST

It’s yours for $3,500,000.

The listing says:

“U-Street Corridor—Great Mixed-Use Opportunity. Zoned C2B Arts Overlay(Commercial, loft condo, gallery, theater, office, studio,retail, dry cleaners,restaurant, bookstore, gym, funeral home, or a combination of different uses). Currently utilized as an Auto Repair Shop. Max FAR 4.5.”

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  • palisades

    Combination? I’m thinkin funeral home AND gym.

  • …so condo it is

    • Duh. I would guess it’ll also have ground-level retail space for a restaurant or bar, given the success of American Ice.

  • This is a cool space. I’d love to see a restaurant there. Or maybe a coffee shop?
    Whatever ends up there, please god do not let it be a crossfit..

    • I assume by “there” you mean “on the ground floor of the luxury rental/condo building that gets constructed on this property.” Because no one is paying $3.5 million for a building just to put a restaurant or coffee shop in it.

  • Wait, is this American Foreign Car Service?

  • would be an awesome loft/ garage for a gear head such as myself
    not worth what they want to turn it into a single home though
    another building id love to have is the blue auto shop on 8th & E SE. i would love love love to turn that into a condo/ garage

  • I would like a combo dry cleaner, real estate broker’s office, 7-eleven.

  • If lot size is as stated 2615 square feet they will not get 3.5 million. Developers can’t make it work paying $1300/foot of buildable land.

    • @Northshaw…thats not the way it works. The footprint means nothing, its the density allowed per zoning. The ad says it is zoned for a density of 4.5 FAR. That means there is 11,767 sf of develop able density onsite (4.5 X’s 2615), which is $297/sf of FAR. Still kinda pricy considering the development and construction costs for a condo building with ground floor retail is going to be ~300/sf.

      Depending on how they want to fiance it, and if the eventual pruchaser will also hold and lease the commercial space which can be used to offset profit loss from the condo, but they would still have to sell the condos for about $630/sf just to break even (including the cost of capital).

      • The neighbor on the corner 2100 Vermont ave had “close to” 3000 square feet and sold for 2.1 million and they weren’t able to build the proposed building because

        • (sorry hit send too soon) …I think 2100 vermont wanted zoning relief (parking) and didn’t get it? Maybe this lot is worth some premium to them to combine lots and let them build a bigger building. But as commenter below said right now its slated to be a restaurant/beer garden, so its probably not worth anywhere close to 3.5 million to them.

          • North,

            You aren’t getting it.

            The primary value is in the density, secondary is the exact footprint and location.

            No, no one is going to buy this lot for 3.5 million and put in a single story restaurant. But then again, the owner isn’t looking to sell to “that” buyer.

            At this price, there is only one type of buyer in mind.

            But someone will likely buy it for its zoned density, max out the residential component with a podium built structure with first floor retail and 5 stories of stick-built above.

            To someone with those plans, the price is probably workable.

          • Becca, my point of reference is 2100 vermont ave nw, and what they proposed and could not get through. SALM has an article about them coming before zoning for 19 microunits with no parking (Feb 27, 2014). They could not make it work at least this year. If 2100 acquires this garage and come up with a new plan then maybe. I guess anything’s possible, I just don’t think its likely.

  • This is very sad. American Foreign Car Service was a phenomenal shop and will be missed.

    • So true–we loved Pedro and his team! Any word on if they’re closing down completely or just relocating?

    • Yeah, Pedro and his guys do good work. I’m sorry they are going away.

      • So true–we loved Pedro and his team! Any word on if they’ll be relocating or just straight up selling and retiring?

  • I spoke with the owner Pedro (I take my car there). The place IS for sale but he’s “hoping” to get a leaseback deal for a year or at least until the end of this year. He also said parking has gotten really bad and a new beer garden is coming in on the other side of him which will only make it worse.

    As of right now they are still open but whether that is for a few weeks, until the end of the year or mid-2016 remains to be seen.

  • Pedro and his whole team are amazing and treat you like family in the middle of a big city. Ask him about the 70’s and 80’s the next time you walk by…WaPo should really do a feature on him. He has earned a wonderful, relaxing retirement. I wish him and his sweet family nothing but happiness…and a long vacation.

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