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  • ’68? Haven’t added my helpful tip in a few years to wit: check the left taillight; the year is written thereon.

  • Ugh, I almost want to find this and offer to buy it. Just to save it from more terrible modifications and emblems.

  • Ok folks, what we appear to have here is a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback that someone stuck a CobraJet 428 badge on. The CobraJet was only made between 1968 and 1970 so it clearly isn’t a real one. How do we know this is a ’67 as opposed to a ’68 Fastback – well, there were a number of changes but one of the most obvious ones are the twin side air intakes near the rear wheels. The ’68 has a single larger intake instead of the twin intakes.
    This car appears to have a bit of rust at the bottom of the drivers door and generally needs some TLC. Prices for a 67 Fastback even in this condition are fairly strong. Expect to pay in the $20k range and then add whatever the cost of the restoration would be to your total.

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