Sunrise Caribbean Cuisine moves from Union Station to Georgia Ave

5329 Georgia Avenue, NW

A lot of folks were saddened to learn that Sunrise Caribbean Cuisine had closed in the food court of Union Station. Well, good news for north country – they’ve reopened at 5329 Georgia Avenue, NW. “FEEDING THE WORLD, ONE HUNGRY SOUL AT A TIME.” Check out their menu here.


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  • Wow, surprisingly good vegetarian and vegan options!

    But be warned: that menu page has auto-play music!

  • Great place, but sad to hear it move somewhere much-less metro-accessible!

  • Good to know that some of the displaced businesses are finding new homes. Union Station’s lower level is emptying out faster than a movie theater playing an M Night Shyamalan film.

  • jim_ed

    Huh, odd locations considering there’s a Caribbean restaurant NEXT DOOR. Ah well, it seems to work for all the Salvadorean places Uptown, so why not?

    • The Georgia Ave Corridor between Petworth all the way into Silver Spring is becoming more and more concentrated with ethnic resturants of all types. I do not consider it a bad thing and I think it is something that DC can really use. Georgia Ave. is basically the most diverse area of the district, so having it ‘show’ with food is nice. If people know that this stretch has this, the better. People will go a little out of their way.

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