Sudhouse opening May 22nd at 5pm in the former Bistro La Bonne space

1340 U Street, NW

Last week we saw that Bistro La Bonne was closing for good to be replaced by a spot called Sudhouse. Got more details from a press release:

“Sudhouse, a beer hall and social club, will open on May 22nd, 2015 at 1340 U street in NW. This will be the area’s newest neighborhood-style bar. Featuring domestic and craft beers, classic American fare, pool and Big Buck, Sudhouse aims to be your new hangout spot to imbibe with friends. Sudhouse is the very first concept created by Farout and will have a tasty selection of both hearty and small plates like home-made five alarm chili and organic farm fresh salads. It will be a perfect place to relax and embrace the wonders of the U Street Corridor.

Managers and co-owners Simo and Allison Farouidi have been in the industry for over 15 years and felt the U street Corridor needed a classic “mom and pop” style bar and grill. Their combined industry knowledge and passion for authenticity will elevate the space into a multi- use venue that thrives on new experiences and warm social gatherings.

Located steps away from 14th and U Street, Sudhouse will be open Tuesday to Sunday in the afternoons. It will be an ideal spot to relax, enjoy a pint or two and some classic American food. The exposed brick and industrial structure in the 2000 sq. ft. loft style space will take you back to the simpler times when a barkeep was your therapist and the drinks were uncomplicated. With 3 floors and 2 bars, it will have ample space for late night happy hours with friends or your own private event. Sudhouse will aim to be your favorite place to laugh, drink, eat and revel in the welcoming environment and the friendly staff that genuinely believes the guest comes first.

From the Owners:
I have lived by the shops, restaurants, and along the busy, car-lined sidewalks of U Street
Corridor for over 15 years. The allure is mostly derived from the immense history that is etched
in each of the nine blocks that compose the Corridor but also from its growing potential. My
wife, friends, and I have noticed the increasing need for a pond that genuinely encompasses the
bohemian alma of the Corridor, and it has long been a dream of ours to harbor the spirit of U
street within the confines of a mom-and-pop style bar and grill. We encourage all who seek to
know and experience the U Street Corridor, whether thirsty residents or curious passers-by, to
join us for classic American fare and craft brews served in our unhurried, humble yet charming
ambience. At Sudhouse, we strive to be socially responsible and a positive entity on the
community that both surrounds and supports us.”

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  • Let’s play . . . Gentrification Bingo! I have:
    craft beers
    classic American fare
    referring to a restaurant/bar as a “concept”
    farm fresh
    embrace the wonders of the U Street Corridor [blech]
    mom and pop
    exposed brick
    welcoming environment
    socially responsible
    “have noticed the increasing need for a pond that genuinely encompasses the bohemian alma of the Corridor” [I have no idea what that means]

    and, in the center square, “small plates”
    [I’m a little disappointed they missed “farm-to-table” and “locally sourced” – but overall, a solid effort.]

    • Hold on brah, I’ll be right over after my SoulCycle sess.

    • Don’t forget, they’ll have “Big Buck [Hunter]!” shudder.

      I understand it’s possible to run a “socially responsible” bar, to drink responsibly, and all that. And that bars are “3rd place” (not home, not work) gathering spaces, etc etc. But my first thought was that if the goal is to be a “positive entity on the community” (?) and “socially responsible,” they should open a bicycle or yoga studio.

    • Here’s how an announcement should read:

      We serve food and beer.


    • Interesting “concept”: a bar that serves beer. Radical.

  • Really quite the fancy way to say this is a bar that serves beer, bar food, and has a pool table.

    Also, if we’re going back to a time when drinks were uncomplicated, are the prices going back, or am I still paying $8 for a drink that’s named after its two ingredients?

  • Can someone point me to a socially-irresponsible bar? The sort that only cares about getting me drunk.

  • If this was a self-written press release, then I hope for the sake of the business these folks are better at restaurant management than PR. Good luck “farout”!

  • I am bummed. La Bonne was a good restaurant that was mostly locals and they served a great and affordable steak frites.

  • Meh @ the description of the fare … D.C. has enough of these places.

  • Beer halls and beer gardens are the new cupcakery.

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