Street Closures for United House of Prayer Memorial Parade this Saturday

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

From MPD:

“Street Closure
United House of Prayer Memorial Parade
Saturday, May 23, 2015
Starting at 12 Noon to 3:30pm

Parade Route:

The parade will form at 6th and M St NW. It will then start north on 6th St NW to S St NW, west on S St to 13th St NW, South on 13th St to Logan Circle southwest around Logan Circle to P St NW, east on P St to 7th St, South on 7th St to M St, East on M St to 6th St where they will disband.”

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  • Absolutely annoying

  • pcat

    Best event in the city! It makes us feel like a small town – colorful and fun.

    • +1 million. This is *by far* my favorite public event of the year in DC.

      • Me too! It is so much fun. I live on the parade route, and I love being in town for M-Day weekend so I can join the fun. The little kids are the best part – they often run up to you to give you candy and then run back to join their group – it’s so cute! I grew up in a tiny little town, and this event is the only thing in DC that reminds me of home. Please check it out!

  • I don’t get it? Is there an event/festival connected with this parade? Who are these folks and why is it such a good event?

    • You might Google the org. Just a thought. You also might look for Youtubes of past parades. There’s actually more too it than the Fun parade (easily the most over hyped thing ever in DC). It’s also not some stupid marathon that ties up half the city with no apparent connection to DC (?rock-n-roll, DC was never much of player in that, yet we have a rock-in-roll marathon).

      • Anonomnom

        That is just a rock based marathon that travels cities throughout the country, no DC specific tie there.

    • It’s a parade of marching bands from all of the UHOP churches around the country. The music and costumes are great and the mood of the event is -so- happy and festive. I enjoy it because it’s one of the few events that brings together people from “old” and “new” DC for something positive and fun.

  • When I lived in the area I hated this. I am fine with street closures, but the route of this parade loops and you literally can not get out of the area if you are inside of it. Sometimes they will let people cross the parade route, but not always.

    • I LOVE this parade. I live in the area, and look forward to it every year. The best marching bands you’ll ever see. Love hanging out with the neighbors as it makes its trek through the neighborhood.

  • I have lived in DC full time since 1999 how have I never heard of this.? I thought was up on every festival / parade in the city.

  • It was amazing!! Vibrant and loud and colorful and beautifully choreographed and everything a great parade should be! Well done UHOP!!!

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