Statement from Mayor Bowser on FY 2016 Budget

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From a press release:

Tthe Council of the District of Columbia unanimously approved Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Fiscal Year 2016 spending plan, the District’s 20th consecutive balanced budget, with only minor changes. The Mayor issued the following statement:

“Residents elected me Mayor of my hometown last year to deliver a fresh start and with my first budget that is exactly what we have done. With a focus on ensuring all of our residents share in our prosperity, our budget will create pathways for the middle class in all eight wards. Put simply: the budget the Council voted on today fulfills our key priorities, thus is a win for District residents.

“While no budget is perfect, this one makes historic investments in important areas that create opportunities, including a down payment on ending homelessness, a $100 million investment in the Housing Production Trust Fund, and continuing strong investments in our schools, job training, public safety, transportation and infrastructure. These investments will expand opportunities for District residents and help ensure we are leaving the next generation of Washingtonians with an even greater city.

“Just yesterday, I signed legislation expanding the Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) to include youth ages 22-24 for the first time ever. Today, the Council failed to fund this vital program in the next fiscal year. I will work with this year’s class of SYEP participants to ensure it is a success and then we will redouble our efforts to expand the program for other young Washingtonians in need of a hand up, not a hand out.

“While expanded parking hours, increased parking penalties, and other business taxes were not my choice, these revenue raises were unanimously supported by the Council.

“I look forward to signing the budget into law and working with members of the Council to implement the FY 2016 budget in a thoughtful, responsible way.”

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  • 22-24 age range is considered youth?

  • Thanks for taking $54 million from Shaw’s schools and putting it in your former Ward Ms. Mayor! Didn’t need a middle school for my kids anyway. Chevy Chase definitely needed the money more…

    • I thought her former ward was ward 4?

    • I’m not sure the Eastern half of Chevy Chase is what she had in mind with that. I’m not defending her by any stretch since she’s basically ignored the fact that there’s been shooting in Ward 4 in what seems like every other night since she became Mayor. It seems like an uneducated and frankly jerk-like statement to make about the ward when you imply that we don’t need money because there is a small section that is affluent. Have you been to Ward 4? Most of it is not like Chevy Chase in the least bit.
      By the way, I bought a house in Ward 4 because it was affordable. No chance I could afford one in Shaw.

      • “Have you been to Ward 4? Most of it is not like Chevy Chase in the least bit.”
        I would strongly agree. Plus, Muriel has zero allegiance to CC DC. She ain’t winning their votes, they all voted for Catania or are registered Republicans. It would be a waste of patronage money for her.
        My guess is that the money is going to many of the other under-performing schools that are in Ward 4. Lots of young, upper middle-class families in Ward 4. If DC wants to really improve the school game, it desperately needs to keep these Ward 4 families in the District. Shaw is still mostly young DINKs/singles and public- or Section 8 housing residents.

        • They are not all registered republicans by a long shot. And while Catania likely did well there, there were plenty of Democrats (including very liberal ones) who voted for Catania over Bowser.

          Also, there are families with children living in Shaw if you stop assuming Shaw is the strip between 7th and 9th streets.

        • Bowser’s allegiance is to her corporate sponsors. She did next to nothing to help improve Ward 4 schools while she was councilmember, and in a position dedicated to work for Ward 4. The stalled Coolidge modernization and back-pedaling on a middle school is an example. Unless crime upticks in one of her pet communities west of GA Ave, she couldn’t be bothered as CM, and don’t expect much different from her robotic successor won’t be bothered now. Her fresh start smells like day-old fish.

  • I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous – that the Summer Jobs Program has been extended to 22-24 yos (though not funded), or that for some period of time it has applied to 19-21 yos (and been funded). Seriously, come on. This shouldn’t apply to a 20 yos, much less 24 yos. People who are out of high school don’t need summer jobs (even no show summer jobs), they need actual jobs. (Yes, those who are in college still may need summer jobs – but college students home for the summer isn’t really the target constituency for this program.) Pandering at its finest.

    • It’s a total handout. Based on articles I’ve read, it sounds like these people are haphazardly thrown into gov agencies where they are almost never needed (and the agencies don’t have advance notice). Not only that, but because of the nature of gov’t work, they’re not allowed to access computer systems. In this day and age, no access to a computer means you’re doing nothing. And that is literally what they do (if they even bother to come in)- sit in a conference room and do nothing. Not a great message to send people you’re hoping to inspire to ultimately join the workforce. This program is just shameless- it’s the kind of corruption and wasteful spending that makes your head spin.

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