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  • YES, we need a good sports bar in this neighborhood. Great new bars have opened in the area but none that I am aware of get all the games and have sufficient TVs for football-watching. We’ve been going down to Chinatown to watch games, but that is definitely not ideal.

  • Hmm, High Velocity is a sports bar/restaurant that has dozens of TVs and is two blocks away from LUX.

    • Have you been to High Velocity? We were hopeful when it opened, but it is pretty bad. So bad that we walked in, tried to find a seat with a view of a TV that wasn’t literally 1 foot in front of our faces or so low to the ground that the screen couldn’t be seen over the top of the booth, couldn’t accomplish that, and left. The backless stools won’t work for more than a quarter of the game. We ended up going to Greene Turtle, which certainly has faults but was definitely a better option.

      • That’s a shame. I thought High Velocity was doing well – I walk by it every day, always seems to be busy and was always packed during World Cup games. HV was (partially) the reason why the sports bar in the retail space on the 9th St side inside convention center shut down.

        Anyways its surprising how DC has several sports teams and little sports bars to show for it, particularly in the most popular nightlife neighborhoods (Shaw, Dupont, U Street, Adams Morgan).

    • I had really high hopes living in the neighborhood and High Velocity is a bad hotel bar at best. They, like many other DC “Sports bars” remain more committed to showing CNN on their main TVs than local or requested sporting events.

      Besides Happy Hour – things are super overpriced for what you get on the food and beverage sides.

      I walk past it often to go to Iron Horse, Red Line, Penn Common or Penn Social pretty often to watch games on their limited TVs. The area could use a Buffalo Billiards-like establishment with out really needing the Billiards.(and hopefully better food too, please?)

  • 100% yes. This would be fantastic.

  • justinbc

    Inside space for 500 people? I can’t imagine a sports bar coming close to filling that other than a very few times per year, at most.

  • I’m not sure I understand the concept of a beer garden “on the sidewalk.” Do they mean the sidewalk right out front or a beer garden on the side of the building? The former sounds like it isn’t a beer garden, but a patio. Either way, New York Avenue is loud/unfriendly for sitting out and having beers. So no, a beer garden sounds terrible right there. But the sports bar sounds like a good idea.

  • If I am not mistaken and without naming names the owner of Bar 7 had a lot to do with Lux. If the neighborhood is trying to break away from that vibe I don’t think this is it. I’m not against it, hey, i was a regular there when it was “The Avenue” but it really just seems like more of the same.

    • pretty much…
      The owner has history in the bar 7, Park, Love, K St lounge etc etc world but not so much in the bar scene
      id be skeptical at best
      hope whatever ends up there does well though

      & haha thanks for the memories “The Avenue”

      • I know the person the two of you are speaking of. My question is do they mean the owner of the building which houses Bar 7 or the “Owner” of the name Bar 7? Two different people.

        • Agreed. That was actually my first thought. I know its two different ppl but in my eyes the same clientele equals the same thing. Again, I’m not against it but… yea.

      • Thanks for knowing what I was talking about. 🙂 I don’t need to say his name, the “club” scene is fully aware of who he is. It will probably be a “Sports bar that turns into a club after 11pm” lol I secretly loved the Avenue!!! (maybe because I was 22) But hated EVERYTHING about Lux, and most things about Bar 7. The Beer Garden talk is a marketing ploy.

      • You forgot RG and Lima. LOL! ; )

        • @Kam you’re taking me back with Republic Gardens.. I loved Lima! The masses just didn’t. But that’s why I loved it and miss it. RIP Lima and your ballooned shaped hanging chairs. (Donovan House has the same chairs though so its not a total loss just walk down the street ) 🙂

          • Wow, TBT! I miss the good old days of Avenue, Lima and RG. Oddly enough when I first moved to DC RG was the SPOT on U Street. Fast forward 12 years…these places are gone and what’s left is a hot mess and/or a well-located, vacant space. Does anyone remember the bar that was formerly in Bar 7’s space ~10-12 years ago? And the nightclub behind the Verizon Center (not Coyote Ugly but there was something else that played house music). Anyone remember The Saint?

            POP you need to do a TBT posting about ‘what was your favorite lounge/bar/club before DC turned into small plate, hand-crafted, iPod touch DJ, no-dancing just standing and staring nightlife ‘scene’ that it is today.

          • @divebar311 That would be a great topic! And yes! I remember The Saint…and Home, and H2O… or VIP. Memories 🙂

  • Most importantly, what good is a sports bar without a kitchen?

  • YES!!!! 1,000%%

  • Yes please! Would love a good sports bar in Mount Vernon Square.

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