Slash Run, from owners of Bar Charley, El Chucho, Jackies etc, “back on track for June opening”!

201 Upshur St, NW

Been getting a lot of inquiries about the status of Slash Run coming to the former El Limeno and briefly La Joya Steakhouse space across the street from the Hitching Post. On their Facebook page they say:

“Just an update….The place is coming along awesomely, cool tables and chairs ordered today. We had to stop for a hot minute to get Quarry House moved and opened but are back on track for June opening. More to come!”

slas run

“Can you say tufted baby blue vinyl curved banquette? Almost there!”

and a little sneak peek of what’s to come:


“Barstool Rodeo–with jalapeno poppers, bbq, charred red onion”

Ed. Note: Thank God.

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  • Good news. But I hope they can do something in the next two weeks to make the outside a little more inviting.

  • Thanks for the update. What about Little Coco’s on the other side of Pville?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      They still have to do a major renovation there. Here they already had the kitchen in place. At little Coco’s they have to build one. Still many months away but I’ll be sure to update when they get closer!

  • Pretty cool. Love the burger concept. Petworth desperately need a place like this. The buzz is thru the roof and they’ll do well. It’s a little far for me and my family to walk, but we’ll drive or do carry-out all the time. I’m close to the Littl Coco’s Italian place. It’ll be great too. Just wish they had rented the space next door to it too.
    Kudos to Jackie Greenbaum and Paul Ruppert for making such great investments in Petworth. I hear others are on their way, but I hope they hurry. Now if only we had an ice cream shoppe, bakery and Jewish deli.

  • justinbc

    Man I would crush that burger. Interesting name though, reminds me of something an ex would do to my tires.

  • so psyched for this place.

    cannot wait.

  • Really looking forward to this too, and to see what they do to the exterior.

    Anyone know anything about the other Petworth developments (besides Little Coco’s, already discussed, and Slim’s, which is well on its way)? Twisted Horn and the other not-yet-named place in the 800 block of Upshur? The rowhouse next to Qualia that was supposed to be The Homestead a couple years ago?

  • Couldn’t be more excited. We live a few blocks away, and this is exactly what this area needs. We’ll be there regularly. I hope more businesses follow suit and open up on this strip.

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