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  • lukecolorado

    Does the Cos’ still eat for free?

  • It has taken them much longer to get this place built than I thought. Anyone know why? Just curious.

    • Because they (or their contractor if you believe the story) tore down the historic building illegally, that is why. Had to go back and make up for it.

  • justinbc

    As much crap as I give them (and get as a result of them), it will be nice to have another late night food option on H Street…for those really late, late nights, where you make bad decisions.

    • I feel like H Street already has a ton of late night options? Shawafel, DDP, Sol, Michos, Horace and Dickies, Taylors, &Pizza…to name a few

      • justinbc

        Yeah, it has some, but could always use more diversity. And personally, several of those places are on my “never to return again” list.

        • Ditto! In the event of sounding super creepy, based on your posts I think you and I live close to each other justinbc.

        • Ben’s Chili bowl is definitely only a late late night mistake kind of place. I’ve never understood the fascination people have with it, the food is crap and only good if you’re drunk. Just because its been around for 40 years doesn’t make it a good restaurant.

          • +1 always kick myself the next day after giving them “one more chance” (usually when guests are visiting and want to try it). But also agreed that another late night option is welcomed. Still love me some DDP and &pizza at 2am though! Ahh H st! A gluttons wet dream :p

        • That’s interesting. I’m pretty sure Ben’s Chili Bowl is on several native Washingtonian’s “never to return again” list.

  • Hmm…I usually have trouble finding a “late night” option. When I work late I have to trek all the way from 3rd street, past a number of places that shut their doors at 9pm, to 11th street to find something I can grab quickly, then hop the X2 to go home – passing my starting point.

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