Shooting Homicide by the Emery Rec Center in Brightwood at 7:10pm Friday Night

From MPD:

“On Friday, May 1, 2015 at approximately 7:10pm, members of the Fourth District were on patrol when they were flagged down in reference to a shooting. Members located the victim suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was transported to an area hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Anyone with information in reference to this offense, or any others, is asked to call 202.727.9099 or text anonymously to 50411.”

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  • The gun violence in ward 4 is getting WAY out of hand. I live on Madison Street across from Emery Rec center and this is hitting way too close to home for me. You know it’s bad when a playground isn’t safe from this violence. I want answers from Mayor Bowser and Brandon Todd on how the MPD will respond!!!!!!!!

    • I think you already have your answer. The same as last year, and the years before that. . .

  • It was broad daylight and the weather was beautiful. There were people everywhere outside, and what sounded like a kids’ baseball game was underway (I’m within earshot of Emery Rec Center). I heard a bunch of shots in rapid succession (so close together it sounded like two guns). People, including kids, were screaming and running in all directions. Damn scary.

    Within a couple minutes the police had completely swarmed the area… unfortunately it appears not fast enough to catch who was responsible. I gotta give props to the cops for their swift and professional response though.

    “Wait until summer” said one cop. Don’t we know it. 🙁

  • A shoot out at a playground. What in God’s name is wrong with people?!?!? What is it that makes a human being think this is an acceptable means of resolving a conflict? This just one day after Chief Lanier hosted a meeting just a few blocks north to discuss the comprehensive plan for dealing with the violence. We need some leadership and some real action.

  • I can tell you, its not the playground that is unsafe, its the people that hang around the playgrounds that bring trouble. I knew the person that died, and I can tell you, he wasn’t exactly an innocent person. Not saying he deserved to die, he surely didn’t, but the lifestyle he lead wasn’t one conducive to staying out of trouble.

  • MPD promised a comprehensive plan to be presented of the community months ago. Then at a meeting with Chief Lanier this weekend, she said she knew nothing about any plan. What’s that tell you? Bowser and Todd need to take control and deliver results. Crime is out of control.

    • if people are going to be angry it should be at these punks and their worthless parents, not the cops or our local elected leaders.

      • I tend to agree. Blaming cops and politicians for recurring shootings is like blaming Advil for not being effective at treating your recurring headaches. Cops treat the symptoms but can’t make violent crime stop in DC. Families need to stay intact and raise kids properly. And no, I don’t have a magic solution for making that happen. Less kids out of wedlock?

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