Salon Blu abruptly Closes in Logan

14th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted us the news:

“These signs just popped up Sunday at Salon Blu. There is moving truck outside moving things out.”


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  • I live on this block and have genuinely never noticed that there was a salon next to the liquor store.

    • Their website says, “Washington’s best kept secret since 2003!” I guess they kept the secret too well.

  • What?! I’m supposed to be getting my hair cut there tomorrow and just made the appt last week. I hope the stylists reach out to their customers. Wonder if they were blindsided too.

    • I know two stylists from Salon Blu and based upon their Facebook posts, yes – they were totally blindsided by the closure.

    • You’re not getting your haircut there. I watched them move almost everything out.

    • My stylist gave me the scoop on Saturday afternoon. The stylists were only officially told Saturday night–the night that the Salon closed–that Bill, the owner, was selling everything and moving to Palm Springs. Luckily, they had kind of figured things out last weekend, and managed to get a copy of the client list (which Bill refused to supply), so they’re planning to follow-up with their customers to let you know where they land. The whole deal was massively shady–Bill tried to sell the client list to other salons first, but nobody bought because it’s so unethical. I never went to Salon Blu because of Bill–I went because of my stylist, and my loyalty remains with him.

  • What the blazes? Was going to get my hair cut there this week, too. The owners did start sending out weird real estate planning seminar emails somewhat recently. I wonder if that went poorly.

    I need to know where Chuck is going!

  • NO NO NO!!! I spent 3 years getting bad haircuts then I found this place and Brian gave me 2 of the best haircuts I ever had. SO sorry and frustrating. BRIANNNNNNNNN where are you??!

  • Ahhh thank goodness I just got my hair done last week. Keep us posted where Brian goes. He is the only one I trust to do my blonde highlights.

  • Well well… glad that the abrupt closure didn’t happen between my hair trial and wedding! Where is Terry going to?!?!

    • I’m so sad. I had finally found a stylist I like and trust. And the location worked well for me too.

  • It really behooves you to become Facebook friends or Instagram followers of your stylist. It’s the only way I kept track of mine through multiples closings and moves (he did a great job with my hair, but often did not get along with salon management). Unfortunately, this is par for the course in the world of stylists.

  • Does Salon Blu have a Facebook page? If so, you can probably track down the stylists there via their Facebook comments and likes. Every stylist I’ve encountered is a voracious social media user, lol

  • If you are looking for fabulous hairstylist Bryan Smith 🙂 I found out he has all of his client’s information and will be reaching out to each of them shortly.

  • Only Salon Blu had stylists who could ever cut my incredibly thick and unruly mane without making me look like either a 9-year-old boy (when my hair is short) or a late-1970s bro (when my hair is long). Hopefully the staff land on their feet.

  • Well it looks like I’m not the only one who adored Brian. I hope he lands somewhere soon and lets us all know where he went!

  • Ugggh. I had an appointment with Daniel for tomorrow evening. If anyone has his contact info, please post it.

  • If anyone has contact info for hairstylist Daniel, please post! His bio read “A native of Morocco, Daniel graduated from the Graham Webb International Academy of Hair in Rosslyn, VA, and attended the L’OrĂ©al School for Hair Color”. Found Daniel’s bio and photo via google search – temporarily available from Salon Blu’s recently deleted website links.

  • Terry:





    And yes, it was very shady by the owner. The stylists got no notice, no severance, no access to their client lists. Some has posted on the owner’s FB page about how shady this was and he is censoring the postings to make it look like he is some victim to rising rent prices. That is no excuse to screw over your staff and your clients.

  • The brilliant, gorgeous, and painfully humble Bryan has moved over to Spa Logic on Connecticut Avenue, north of DuPont Circle. Thanks, everyone, for your support.

  • Does anyone know where Raoul went??? I was about to make an appointment… sigh….

  • Those jerks. Chuck! Where are you??

  • I was wondering why they wouldn’t answer my calls… Anyone know Barry’s last name? He was the coolest guy there

  • Daniel Summer has cut my hair and listened to my stories for six years. He is excellent, intuitive and fast. Any salon would be lucky to have him.

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