Saint Ex Back in Fighting Form – Speaking of Fighting Form – Where Will You Watch the Fight?

14th and T St, NW

[email protected] tweets us the good news:

“Saint Ex is fixed!”

Ed.Note: “On Saturday evening, March 21, 2015 around 5pm, a section of brick fell off of the upper facing of the building that houses Cafe Saint-Ex on 14th St NW.”


And for those who are watching “the fight of the century”, where do you plan to watch?

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  • I’m not planning on putting any money in Mayweather’s pocket.

    • Bars pay by their capacity, not by attendance, so if you go to a bar your money goes to the bar, not Mayweather. The bar pays the same amount whether you show up or not, so you can watch guilt free.

    • Completely agree. I want no part of this spectacle.

    • Same here. Unlike a lot of people, I’m not going to monetarily support violence against women.

  • every bar showing it seems to be charging $10-$30…is there anywhere that isn’t?

    • I doubt it. I don’t know exactly how much it costs for a bar to show the fight, but I’ve heard it’s somewhere between $20 and $30 times their capacity. Unless every single person in the bar is running a $60+ tab not charging a cover is a recipe to lose money.

  • Public in Dupont will probably be showing it. I’ve never paid to watch a fight there, but you will have to get there early.

  • Got a fight party at the house.

  • Same place as all other manny fights. At my half Filipino friend’s house party.

  • tonyr

    The Howard is showing the fight together with a concert for $30. Seems like a good deal if you’re into that sort of thing.

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