Republic Restoratives Distillery coming to Ivy City

Republic Restoratives from Pia Carusone on Vimeo.

Thanks to a reader for sending their GoFundMe page:

“Republic restoratives is a small batch, women-owned distillery and craft cocktail bar in Washington, DC launching this summer.

ivy city-distillery

While we perfect our whiskey through maturation, we will first offer you a vodka of the highest purity. You can craft vodka from many different things, but we will use eastern sweet corn. This vodka will be clean, smooth and light, and will be the direct beneficiary of our proprietary charcoal-polish process.

We strive to make an exceedingly approachable bourbon. Not too sweet, not too hot. Aged for just long enough, and never over-oaked. Think delicious, distinctive bourbon. The classic bottle you search for first, the legendary shot you ask for by name at your favorite corner bar.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates on rye, cordials and more vodka releases.”

Read more about their plans here.

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  • Aglets

    i’m applauding this

  • This will be fantastic.

  • I wish them luck, but I’ve tasted a lot of these small batch craft whiskeys, and none of them have even come close to the quality and flavor you get from distilleries that have been making their product in Kentucky for generations. I hope these folks prove otherwise.

    • justinbc

      I think Whistle Pig does a nice job, but it’s also priced pretty high.

      • Whistle Pig still comes from a large factory distillery in Canada. There are very few true small batch producers since you probably don’t want to be selling bourbon before four years and rye before two

  • justinbc

    Awesome, the brewery / distillery tours in Ivy City will hopefully keep progressing the development in that area. It seems like almost all of the alcohol producing companies in the city are based there, or nearby. Side note: please do not reference your as-yet-incomplete product as “legendary”.

    • Ivy City has a lot of opportunity. I believe the city has funded an expansion of the public works facility across West Virginia Ave., which would alleviate the temporary parking of fleet vehicles on some of the asphalt lots in Ivy City. It also sounds like the city will ultimately find a better use for the Crummell School site than bus parking and service. There’s actually a lot to work with there to integrate industrial, retail and mixed-income residential, if done right.

      • justinbc

        The Crummell School is an awesome building. If that were almost anywhere else in the city it would be converted into million dollar condos.

  • Apparently this will be at the corner of NY and Fenwick across from Nike. Oddly, the map on their site has them right in NoMa in the unit block of NY NE.

  • “Women-owned” – I like that. Wishing them all the luck, and I’m looking forward to visiting when they open!

  • I love this, and their taste in beer is good so that bodes well. Best of luck to them.

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