Rental of the Day is 2 bed/2 bath in Adams Morgan


This rental is located at 2301 Champlain Street Northwest. The listing says:

“Location, Location, Location. Modernistic warehouse style condo with private entrance. Spacious 2br, 2 bath with open living/dining/kitchen with island. Stainless steel appliances, gorgeous hardwood floors, patio for entertaining; Pet friendly building. Available immediately.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,300/Mo.

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  • This is a great location — and not a bad rent for a 2 BR in that area — but you can’t convince me to live below street level in Adams Morgan. It’s open plan, all right…open to everyone walking by.

  • Assuming that the bedrooms aren’t completely tiny (sq footage looks a bit small), this definitely won’t be on the market long.

  • This is a steal for the neighborhood if all utilities are included! Makes me jealous! I’m about a 10 minute walk away in Lanier Heights and paying $2500 (utilities included) for a significantly larger 4th floor 2Bed/2Bath but no washer/dryer or dishwasher in unit, not to mention no granite/stainless steel! I suppose this place must be basement level judging by the patio mention and the small windows. Still…

    • Granite and stainless are the last things anyone should care about. They confer nothing uselful–quite the contrary. Granite needs periodic sealing and the tone often harbors faults that lead to cracking under heat. I just redid my kitchen and the “no”s included those two things and glass tile backsplashes.

  • I thought this was a pretty good deal until I noticed it was in the basement. I guess it’s nice to have light, it still just seems like a terrible idea to build basement level apartments with floor to ceiling windows on a street with a ton of foot traffic.

  • Great price for the location and quality of the unit, even if it is a basement. But it looks like the main source of light is the front wall open to the street. In addition to privacy issues, I’d be uncomfortable with windows and front door being easily accessible and also partially hidden below the sidewalk.

  • They make blinds and curtains, ya know 🙂 Great deal, nice upgrades, and with a patio, too? I’d live there!

  • The layout of the living room/kitchen is really awkward. It seems really narrow. Or maybe it’s just the current placement of the furniture – with those two chairs facing into the kitchen?

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